Illarion Illarionovich Vasilchikov

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Illarion Illarionovich Vasilchikov (1805 – 12 November 1862) was an Imperial Russian general. He was the son of Illarion Vasilyevich Vasilchikov and Vera Vasilchikova. He was the father of Sergei Vasilchikov. One of his daughters married Alexander Meyendorf. He was a recipient of the Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky, the Order of Saint Anna, the Order of Saint Vladimir and the Order of the White Eagle (Russian Empire). He is buried at Kiev Pechersk Lavra in Ukraine.

Illarion Illarionovich Vasilchikov
Illarion Vasilchikov by George Dawe
Died12 November 1862
Kiev, Russian Empire
AllegianceRussian Empire
Service/branchImperial Russian Army
Ranklieutenant general
Commands heldChief of Staff to general Menshikov's Crimea command, 1855.[1] Kiev Military District
Illarion I. Vasilchikov in 1850s
Preceded by
Commander of the Kiev Military District
July–November 1862
Succeeded by



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