Ilkka was a Finnish morning newspaper published in Seinäjoki, Finland from 1906 to 2020.

Owner(s)Ilkka Group
PublisherIlkka-Yhtymä Oyj
Ceased publication2020
Circulation49,171 (2013)
Sister newspapersPohjalainen

History and profile edit

Ilkka was established in Vaasa in 1906 as an independent newspaper.[1] The name may be a reference to Jaakko Ilkka, a 16th-century rebellion leader in the Cudgel War, but this is unconfirmed.[2] The founders of the paper were Santeri Alkio and his supporters.[1] Later its headquarters in Vaasa was moved to Seinäjoki.[1] Ilkka was part of the Ilkka Group which also owned Pohjalainen.[1][3] The publisher was Ilkka-Yhtymä Oyj.[3]

Ilkka later became a supporter of the Centre Party and remained as such until 1997 when it declared its independence.[1]

The circulation of Ilkka was 55,395 copies in 2001.[4] The paper sold 49,171 copies in 2013.[5]

In September 2019 it was announced Ilkka and Pohjalainen would be merged into a single newspaper, known as Ilkka-Pohjalainen, starting from 30 January 2020.[6][7]

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