Ilija Stanojević

Ilija Stanojević (Serbian Cyrillic: Илија Станојевић; 7 August 1859 – 8 August 1930) was one of the most prominent Serbian actors of the early 20th century.[1] In 1911, Stanojević co-founded the Union for the Production of Serbian Films (Serbian: Udruženje za snimanje srpskih filmova) with Svetozar Botorić.[2] The same year, he directed and acted in The Life and Deeds of the Immortal Leader Karađorđe, the first Serbian feature film, which Botorić produced.[3] Stanojević also helped write the film's screenplay.[4] After making the film, Stanojević returned to the stage, and remained a theatrical performer for the remainder of his career.[5]

An image of Ilija Stanojević on a Serbian postage stamp


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