Ilduara Mendes

Ilduara Mendes or Ilduara Menéndez (attested 1025 – 1058),[1] was a Countess of Portugal, and regent of Portugal during the minority of her son.


Daughter of Count Menendo González and his wife Tutadomna Moniz,[2] Ilduara had several brothers and sister, including Elvira Menéndez, wife of King Alfonso V of León.[3] She governed the county jointly with her husband Count Nuno Alvites, son of Alvito Nunes and Gontina. Since their son Mendo Nunes was a minor in 1028 when his father died, he governed the county under the tutelage of his mother Ilduara.[1]


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Ilduara Mendes
Betotez family
Born:  ? Died: 1058
Titles of nobility
Preceded by
Alvito Nunes
Countess of Portugal
with Nuno Alvites
Succeeded by
Mendo Nunes