Il Cartaginese

Il Cartaginese was a newspaper published in the British protectorate of Malta between 1804 and 1805.[1] At the time of its issue, it was the only periodical publication in Malta. Il Cartaginese was preceded by L'Argo (1804) and it was succeeded by the Giornale di Malta (1812–1813).[2]

First edition of Il Cartaginese, dated 30 March 1804

The newspaper was edited by Vittorio Barzoni and Gavino Bonavita, and it focused on foreign news.[3] Its publication was controlled by the government, and it contained anti-French propaganda.[4] The newspaper was usually eight pages long and it sometimes had a supplement. A total of 15 issues were made, each having a circulation of between 400 and 1000 copies.[3] The newspaper was not successful, possibly due to poor literacy levels.[4]

Copies of the publication are now preserved at the National Library of Malta.[2]


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