Ikegusuku Anki

Ikegusuku Ueekata Anki (池城 親方 安規, 1829 – 30 April 1877), also known by his Chinese style name Mō Yūhi (毛 有斐), was a politician and bureaucrat of Ryukyu Kingdom.

Ikegusuku Anki
池城 安規
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sanshikan of Ryukyu
In office
Preceded byKawahira Chōhan
Succeeded byYonabaru Ryōketsu
Personal details
Ryukyu Kingdom
Died30 April 1877
Tokyo, Empire of Japan
ChildrenIkegusuku Ansei
Parent(s)Ikegusuku Anyū (father)
Chinese nameMō Yūhi (毛 有斐)

Anki was born to an aristocrat family called Mō-uji Ikegusuku Dunchi (毛氏池城殿内). He was the 15th head of Ikegusuku Dunchi, and his father Ikegusuku Anyū (池城 安邑, also known as Mō Zōkō 毛 増光), was a Sanshikan from 1848 to 1862.

Anki was selected as a member of the Sanshikan in 1873. In 1876, Ryukyu had to break off diplomatic relations with Qing China under the pressure of Imperial Japan. Anki led a mission to Tokyo to complaint with it (Yonabaru Ryōketsu, Kōchi Chōjō, Kyan Chōfu, Uchima Chōchoku and Ishatō Seiei as assistant), but Japanese ignored.

In the year 1877, Anki became seriously ill. He sent Kōchi Chōjō back to Ryukyu, suggested that Ryukyu should seek for China's help. Not long after he died in Tokyo, his body was returned to Shuri.


Ikegusuku Anki
Preceded by Head of Mō-uji Ikegusuku Dunchi Succeeded by
Political offices
Preceded by Sanshikan of Ryukyu
1873 - 1877
Succeeded by