Iino Castle (飯野城, Iino-jō) also known as Kame-jiro was a castle structure in Ebino, Miyazaki, Japan.[1][2] Iino Castle was built by the Kusakabe clan and was later controlled by the Shimazu clan.[3]

Iino Castle
Ebino, Miyazaki, Japan
Earthen wall of Honmaru (Iino Castle).jpg
Earthen wall of Honmaru compound
TypeHirayama castle
Site information
OwnerKitahara clan, Shimazu clan
Site history
Built byKusakabe clan
Garrison information
Shimazu Yoshihiro, Shimazu Hisayasu

Shimazu Yoshihiro became command of the castle and spent 26 years in the castle.[4] He set out for Battle of Kizaki from the castle.[4]

In 1590, Yoshihiro moved to Kurino Castle in Aira.[5] The castle was demolished by Tokugawa shogunate's one country one castle rule in 1615.

The castle is now only ruins, with some earthworks and moats. About 50 minutes walk from Ebino Iino Station.[3]



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