Ii Naonori

Count Ii Naonori (井伊 直憲 (いいなおのり), May 22, 1848 – January 9, 1904) was a Japanese daimyō of the late Edo period, who ruled the Hikone Domain. He was the second son of Ii Naosuke. After he was relieved of office in 1871, he studied in the United States and England. He was made a count in the Meiji period. He married the daughter of Prince Arisugawa Takahito later divorce and married daughter of Nabeshima Naotada

Ii Naonori


  • Father: Ii Naosuke
  • Mother: Nishimura Sato
  • Wives:
    • Arisugawa no miya Yoshiko (1851-1895)
    • Nabeshima Tsuneko
  • Son: Ii Naotada (1881-1947) by Arisugawa no miya Yoshiko


Preceded by
Ii Naosuke
16th Lord of Hikone

Succeeded by