Ii Naokatsu

Ii Naokatsu (井伊 直勝, 1590 – August 24, 1662) was a Japanese daimyō of the Edo period who served the Tokugawa clan. He was also known as Ii Naotsugu. His childhood name was Manchiyo (万千代). Naokatsu succeeded to family headship following his father's death in 1602. Under Tokugawa Ieyasu's orders, Naokatsu completed construction of Hikone Castle in 1606, and then moved there from Sawayama Castle when it was largely completed. In 1614, as Naokatsu was ill, he sent his brother Naotaka to fight in the Siege of Osaka; Naokatsu himself was assigned to Annaka, where he undertook security duty in the Kantō region. After the siege of Osaka, Tokugawa Ieyasu rewarded Naokatsu's younger brother Naotaka with the Ii family headship, and allowed Naokatsu to form a branch family with holdings at the fief of Annaka in Kōzuke Province, worth 30,000 koku. Naokatsu retired in 1632, yielding headship to his son Naoyoshi. He died in Ōmi Province in 1662.

Ii Naokatsu
Hikone Castle wp.jpg
Hikone Castle, which Ii Naokatsu helped build
1st Daimyō of Annaka
In office
Preceded bynone
Succeeded byIi Naoyoshi
Personal details
DiedAugust 24, 1662(1662-08-24) (aged 71–72)
Ōmi Province
ParentsIi Naomasa

His descendants were moved around several times before having their holdings settle at Itoigawa, in Echigo Province.



Preceded by
Ii Naomasa
2nd Daimyō of Hikone
Succeeded by
Ii Naotaka
Preceded by
1st Daimyō of Annaka
Succeeded by
Ii Naoyoshi


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