Igra s ognyom

Игра с огнём (Playing with Fire) is the fourth album by heavy metal band Aria. It is the first to feature new drummer Alexander Maniakin, and the first after the band split with their longtime manager Viktor Vekshtein.

Igra s ognyom
Igra s ogneom.jpg
Studio album by
GenreHeavy metal
ProducerVitaly Dubinin, Vladimir Holstinin
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Герой Асфальта
Igra s ognyom
Кровь За Кровь
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Track listingEdit

All lyrics are written by Margarita Pushkina; all music is composed by Vitaly Dubinin and Vladimir Holstinin.

No.TitleEnglish titleLength
1."Что вы сделали с вашей мечтой?"What Have You Done To Your Dreams?5:22
2."Раскачаем этот мир"Rock this World6:01
3."Раб страха"Slave of Fear4:40
5."Игра с огнём"Play with Fire9:04
6."Бой продолжается"The Fight Continues6:08
7."Дай жару" Get it Hot / Give 'em Hell4:25


  • Valery Kipelov - Vocals
  • Vladimir Holstinin - Guitar
  • Sergey Mavrin - Guitar
  • Vitaly Dubinin - Bass
  • Aleksander Maniakin - Drums
  • Ivan Evdolimov - Sound engineer
  • Sergey Ryleev - Sound engineer
  • Aria - Management
  • Mikhail Mushnikov - Artist
  • Vasily Gavrilov - Design artist
  • Georgy Molivin - Photography
  • Valentin Kudryatsev - Computer design


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