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Igor Ursenco (born 9 February 1971) is a Moldovan-born Romanian poet, fiction writer, screenwriter, culturologist, pedagogue, political analyst, and polyglot translator.

Igor Ursenco is the matrilineal descendant from Northern Bessarabian dynasty of scholar Marcu Văluță, director of the interwar publication Moldovan Thought. In late October 2012 he was appointed to organise the Romanian Cultural Institute in Kiev as a Deputy Coordinator.

As a catalyst of pneumatic motion of the text, Igor Ursenco is known also as a polyvalent author and the promoter of critical integrative method theo-e-retikon. Igor Ursenco has adopted since his debut book the artistic celebration of the spiritual alterity.

Ursenco is a sporadic contributor to the literature and culture e-zines EgoPhobia and Europe's Times and Unknown Waters, and the scientific journal Metaliteratura published by the Moldavian Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Philology at Ion Creanga University. In 2016, he received a PhD in Letters Magna cum Laude [1].




Poetically incorrect, Rafet Publishing House, Ramnicu Sarat, 2015, The Contest Poetry Winner, Editura Rafet;

The Flying Spaghetti Monster (thriller poems), Tracus Arte Publishing House, Bucharest, 2012;

• apoptosium (a mourning recital for a prokaryotic regnum not classified yet), Franc Tireur USA Publishing House, New York, USA, 2010 – nominated by among „The Books of 2010” and included in The Long List of the „Observator cultural”/ Cultural Observer Awards, in „Poetry” section;

• The Clause of the Most Favored Maramures and Basarabia Contemporary Poetry (International Lyrical Anthology, Limes Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2010;

„Logos”, My Father : My Mother „Imago”, Heterotypic genealogy in archetypal texts, Limes Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2009


• Moldavian Kaïros (a thriller novel), Blumenthal Publishing House, Bucharest, 2012;

• A Zero Degree Alert in the Current Romanian Short Prose, Herg Benet Publishers Publishing House, Bucharest, 2011;

• S.T.E.P. (short stories), Herg Benet Publishers Publishing House, Bucharest, 2011

Transcultural EssaysEdit

• EgoBesTiaR (trans-cultural essays), Herg Benet Publishers Publishing House, Bucharest, 2011;

• Teo-e-retikon (Trans-Cultural Essays & Meta-Semantic Glosses), Eikon Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2009, awarded by Maramures County Council and the Baia Mare Mayoralty with the distinction of ”The Books of 2009 – section: essays”

Film scripts and playsEdit

• The Akashic Retina (film scripts and plays), Mega Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2009

Published texts foreign languages (English, Spanish, Hungarian)Edit

Red Room Writers Community

The Caterpillar Chronicles online Literary Journal

The Fwriction Review online Literary Journal

Ego Phobia online Literary Journal

• International Hungarian PEN Club Multilingual Anthology (Pécs Writers Camp - 2012)

Arte Poetica, Album Nocturno


• Distributed Actor in the Jeff Goldblum & Greta Scacchi starring movie One of the Hollywood Ten (Madrid, 2000)

• Finalist of the Folk Music Festival „Yellow Quince” the first edition (Chisinau, 1990)


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