Igor Rabiner

Igor Yakovlevich Rabiner (Russian: Игорь Яковлевич Рабинер; born 13 February 1973 in Moscow)[1] is a Russian football journalist and writer known for his work with Sport-Express and his books, most notably his controversial[2] bestseller How Spartak Was Being Killed (Russian: Как убивали «Спартак»), where he describes the crisis FC Spartak Moscow faced in the early 2000s, at the end of Oleg Romantsev's reign and immediately after it. Later, that book was followed by its sequel, How Spartak Was Being Killed 2 about the later events, and Lokomotiv We Have Lost («Локомотив», который мы потеряли) that exploits similar themes regarding another popular Russian football team, Lokomotiv Moscow. In 2012, after being sacked by Sport-Express he moved to the Championat.com sports portal.[3]

Igor Rabiner


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