Igelström is the surname of a Swedish noble family from Nylödöse. The earliest reference dates back to 1529, with Bengt Haraldsson being the oldest of known ancestors. The surname Igelström originated thanks to Harald Bengtsson (1604–1678) in 1645 and was registered in the List of Swedish noble families in 1647. The successors of Igelstrom owned estates in Livonia and in Estonia, in 1739 five brothers Igelstrom received the noble titles of barons in Poland, and in 1792 in Germany and in Russia.

The ancestral coat of arms of Barons Igelström

The name was registered in several of the House of Nobility in the Baltic states and Germany under spelling Igelstrom or von Igelstroem.

Summary of genealogical table of the Stora Wånga Family
  • Simon, lived 1350–1370. Squire. His shield: three silver bands in a blue field.
  • Magnus Simonsson, lived 1403. married with Margaretha von Putten.
  • Anders Magnusson to Ljusefords. lived 1410–1436. He participated in Engelbrekt's War of Freedom. Magnus Anderson to Stora Wånga, lived 1444. Married with Christina Tonissadotter (widowed from the senator Carl Magnusson from Elifstorpa)
  • Magnus Magnusson from Stora Wånga, lived 1490.
  • Harald Magnusson from Stora Wånga. He was an established man of family and class.
  • Bengt Haraldsson from Stora Wånga. He left Sweden in 1529. Married to Catharina Johansdotter Lind.
  • Harald Bengtsson. Died in the 1570s. Lord from Surte and Söderby. Secretary at Elfsborg and Merchant in Lödöse. Married Ragnhild Svensdotter.
  • Bengt Haraldsson, district clerk, 1625.
  • Anders Haraldsson, died 1649, Lord from Söderby, Surte and Folered, district judge, was granted the honor of nobility with the name Appelbom (introduced 1647 under no. 325) Progenitor (first fathers) of the baronial family of Appelbom.
  • Harald Bengtsson Igelström, died 1677.

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Otto Heinrich Igelström
Konstantin Igelström

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