Icheri Sheher (Baku Metro)

Icheri Sheher (Azerbaijani: İçәri Şәhәr, Inner City) is a Baku Metro station on Red Line (Line 1). It was opened on 6 November 1967 as one of the first 5 stations in Baku. Regular traffic started from 25 November 1967.[1]

Icheri Sheher

İçәri Şәhәr
Baku Metro
Baku Metro station
81-765 train arrives Icheri Sheher.jpg
General information
LocationIstiglaliyyat str. 2
Baku, Azerbaijan
Owned byBaku Metro
Platforms2 (1 in use)
Opened6 November 1967 (1967-11-06)
Previous namesBaki Soveti
Preceding station Baku Metro Following station
Terminus Red line Sahil
towards Hazi Aslanov or Bakmil

The station was called Baki Soveti until 2007.[2][3][4] In April 2007 station was renamed "Icherisheher" according to the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic.[1]

After renovationEdit

From July 2008 renovation of the station was started according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers. In December 2008 renovation was completed, and the station was opened on 29 December.[1]

Pyramid shape has been used for the entrance of station composed of metal and glass. The outer height of the upper vestibule is 14 meters (as the height of Old City fortress). Former escalators (LT type) were substituted with “Viktoriya” in 2009.

The middle hall and both platform walls have been decorated with 16 pictures of ancient Baku made in France. A fragment of the Old City fortress walls is placed at the back side with the word “İçərişəhər” on it.

The single exit of the station is on Istiglaliyyat Street.

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Coordinates: 40°23′43″N 49°52′56″E / 40.39528°N 49.88222°E / 40.39528; 49.88222