Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!

Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!, also known colloquially as the Dschungelcamp (Jungle Camp), is a German reality television show, based on the British reality television show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!. The show is produced by ITV Studios Germany and began airing on 9 January 2004 on RTL, and until now have been broadcast 14 seasons. The format sees a group of ten to twelve celebrities, who have usually already appeared on television, live for up to two weeks in a so-called jungle camp in Australia under constant surveillance by television cameras. The aim of the participants is to win the favor of the audience and to stay in the camp for as long as possible in order to be crowned as "King or Queen". Since season 13 (2019), the winner has also received a prize of €100,000.

Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!
Ich-bin-ein-star-holt-mich-hier-raus logo
GenreReality television
Presented by
Country of originGermany
Original languageGerman
No. of seasons14
No. of episodes219
ProducerITV Studios Germany
Production locationsDungay, New South Wales, Australia
Running time60 – 175 min.
Original networkRTL Television
Picture format16:9
Original releaseOriginal series:
January 10, 2004 – November 6, 2004
Revived series:
January 11, 2008 –
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The show is hosted since the first season by Sonja Zietlow and since season 7 together with Daniel Hartwich, replacing the deceased Dirk Bach. The health and wellbeing of the celebrities and crew is looked after by Medic Bob McCarron and his team from EMS.

In summer of 2015, a spin-off show with the title Ich bin ein Star – Lasst mich wieder rein! (I'm a Star - Let me in again!) was aired. Brigitte Nielsen won the show and qualified for the following season of the original show.

On 2021, due the COVID-19 pandemic a new season wasn't aired, but on 15 January 2021 will begin airing a spin-off show with the name Ich bin ein Star – Die große Dschungelshow (I'm a Star - The Great Jungle Show). In 15 live episodes, the first Campmate for the 2022 anniversary season, is to be found among new prominent applicants. Production takes place in the Nobeo studios in Hürth-Efferen.[1]

Since 2018, the events of the show have been discussed in the spin-off show Ich bin ein Star – Die Stunde danach (I'm a Star - The Hour After), moderated by Angela Finger-Erben.


The German version of the show ran at irregular intervals from 2004 and has been broadcast annually from mid-January since 2011. Sonja Zietlow and Dirk Bach moderated until the sixth season. After Bach's death, Daniel Hartwich became the second presenter from the seventh season.[2] The moderation texts are written by Micky Beisenherz and Zietlow's husband Jens Oliver Haas. In the German and English versions of the show, the paramedic Bob McCarron alias Dr. Bob is responsible for the medical care of the participants, he and his three assistants are in charge. Life in the camp is continuously filmed by cameras. Remarkable scenes are shown every evening in a television broadcast, mostly accompanied by humorous remarks by the moderator duo, who ironically comment on the level of awareness of the contestants.[3]

From the second to the fourth season, RTL broadcast a four-hour special program on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoons with lots of background information, summaries of the day and films that were not shown in the main show. The name of the show was Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus! – Spezial, which was moderated by Markus Lanz (second season), Leonard Diepenbrock (third season) and Daniel Hartwich (fourth season). In each of the first three seasons, one week after the final broadcast, Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus! – Das große Wiedersehen (The Big Reunion) broadcast, with all participants as guests and Frauke Ludowigas as moderator. Since the fourth season there has been a reunion of all contestants in the tree house one day after the finale. Here Sonja Zietlow and Dirk Bach and then Daniel Hartwich took over the moderation.

Filming locationEdit

Camp location in Australia
A photo from the location: the bridges that lead to the camp.

Like in the British and the 2003 American versions, also the german version is produced in Springbrook National Park, near Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia. The leaseholder of the area is the British production company Independent Television, formerly Granada Television, which extensively redesigned and built on the previously open area and equipped it with camera and sound technology. During the filming in particular, the area is shielded by military uniformed guards.[4]

The two spin-off shows Ich bin ein Star – Lasst mich wieder rein! and Ich bin ein Star – Die große Dschungelshow were not filmed in Australia, but were filmed in the Nobeo studios in Hürth-Efferen.



Dschungelprüfungen (Bushtucker trials) are used in the show to allow the contestants to gain food and treats for camp. One contestant, sometimes two or rarely more than one contestant, has to pass a trial every day. These trials usually consist of overcoming scary or repulsive situations, for example by having to prepare smaller animals or parts of animals (e.g. testicles), or eat them dead or alive. In addition, in most exams, contestants are awarded e.g. Maggots, beetles and spiders showered or otherwise confronted with them. Since 2020, RTL and the production company announced that eating trials will no longer contain live bugs.[5] Other trials are dexterity exercises that must be carried out safely at great heights, above or below water. The contestant must collect red or yellow stars during the trial. For each star collected, there is a food ration for the camp residents. The number of stars that can be earned usually corresponds to the current number of camp residents. Every task can be canceled with the exclamation "Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!", whereby the contestant loses the stars earned. According to the broadcaster, the basic supply is only guaranteed by 70 grams of rice and beans per person and day. In the first half of the relay, the examinee will be contacted by phone or SMS elected by the spectators, in the second half and partly on the first day the participants determine it themselves through a secret vote. On the last day, all 3 finalists have to compete in a jungle test, where they can earn 5 stars for the last dinner. The first three stars stand for one dish of the course for which the candidate is competing (starters, main dishes or desserts), the fourth for their own drink, and the fifth for a personal "goodie" (for example an additional drink).

In seasons 10 and 11, the contestants temporarily competed in two teams; only the winning team received the food rations they won. In season 12 there were exams for the first time in which the contestant or contestants could only earn all or no star.


On some days a treasure chest is hidden in the forest that the contestants have to recover. The contestants usually go on a treasure hunt in pairs, solve a task and bring the treasure chest to the camp. There the chest is opened, in which there is usually a quiz question with two possible answers. If the contestants answer the task correctly, there is a prize such as candy, beer or spices; if they answer incorrectly, there is a useless consolation prize, for example a CD. Less often there is a win immediately after solving the task, for example with the task "Die dunkle Höhle" ("The dark cave"). Contestants have to keep an hourglass running in a dark cave until the next morning.


Depending on the number of participants, a contestant who has to leave the jungle will be determined by telephone vote every day from a certain day of the relay. Since the contestants can only be supported by telephone voting, but cannot be voted out of office directly, the contestants who can get the fewest audience votes has to leave. If candidates leave the camp voluntarily, they will not be selected for the corresponding number of days. After two weeks there is the finale at the end of the season, in which two of the last three remaining candidates fall out. The last person remaining is referred to by RTL as the Dschungelkönig or Dschungelkönigin (Jungle King or Jungle Queen).

Series detailsEdit

Main seriesEdit

Order of Place in the following tables are as voted by the viewers.

Series Days in camp Start date End date Campmates Finalists Average viewers
King/Queen Second place Third place
1 12 9 January 2004 20 January 2004 10 Costa Cordalis Lisa Fitz Daniel Küblböck 6.74
2 15 23 October 2004 6 November 2004 Désirée Nick Isabel Varell Willi Herren 5.54
3 16 11 January 2008 26 January 2008 Ross Antony Michaela Schaffrath Bata Illic 4.86
4 9 January 2009 24 January 2009 Ingrid van Bergen Lorielle London Nico Schwanz 5.75
5 14 January 2011 29 January 2011 11 Peer Kusmagk Katy Karrenbauer Thomas Rupprath 7.40
6 13 January 2012 28 January 2012 Brigitte Nielsen Kim Gloss Rocco Stark 6.57
7 17 11 January 2013 26 January 2013 12 Joey Heindle Olivia Jones Claudelle Deckert 7.34
8 17 January 2014 1 February 2014 11 Melanie Müller Larissa Marolt Jochen Bendel 7.87
9 16 January 2015 31 January 2015 Maren Gilzer Jörn Schlönvoigt Tanja Tischewitsch 6.71
10 16 15 January 2016 30 January 2016 12 Menderes Bağcı Sophia Wollersheim Thorsten Legat 7.09
11 13 January 2017 28 January 2017 Marc Terenzi Hanka Rackwitz Florian Wess 6.52[6]
12 19 January 2018 3 February 2018 Jenny Frankhauser Daniele Negroni Tina York 5.54
13 11 January 2019 26 January 2019 Evelyn Burdecki Felix van Deventer Peter Orloff 5.24
14 10 January 2020 25 January 2020 Prince Damien Sven Ottke Danni Büchner 5.27

Spin-off showsEdit

Entitle Days in camp Start date End date Campmates Finalists Average viewers
King/Queen Second place Third place
Lasst mich wieder rein! 9 31 July 2015 8 August 2015 27 Brigitte Nielsen Joey Heindle Michael Wendler 2.25
Die große Dschungelshow 15 15 January 2021 29 January 2021 12 Filip Pavlović Djamila Rowe Mike Heiter 2.47


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