Icelandic Men's Basketball Cup

The Icelandic Men's Basketball Cup (Icelandic: Bikarkeppni KKÍ), also known as VÍS bikarinn for sponsorship reasons,[1] is an annual professional basketball competition between clubs in Iceland. It is Iceland's first-tier cup competition, and is not to be confused with Iceland's former second-tier cup competition, the Company Cup.

Icelandic Men's Basketball Cup
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2020–21 Icelandic Men's Basketball Cup
Founded1965 season
CountryIceland Iceland
ContinentEuropean Union Europe
Most recent
(5th title)
Most titlesKR (16 titles)
TV partner(s)RÚV
Sponsor(s)Vátryggingarfélag Íslands (VÍS)
Úrvalsdeild karla
Icelandic Supercup

History and formatEdit

The first edition of the Icelandic Cup championship took place in 1965, and was won by Ármann. In 1968 and 1969, the cup competition was not held, but it has been held regularly every year from 1970 onward. Teams in Úrvalsdeild karla and Division I have an automatic bye to the Final 32 while lower league teams might have to play preliminary rounds for a place, depending on the number of teams. All the rounds are played with a single game knockout format. The final four and the finals are played on a single weekend.[2]

Finally, the winner of the Icelandic Cup championship, or the runner-up if the same team wins both the cup and national championship, will then face the winner of the Úrvalsdeild karla championship in a single game to determine the winner of the Icelandic Supercup championship in the beginning of the next season.[3]

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