The Ice Bowl was a college football game held in Fairbanks, Alaska between 1948 and 1952 and contested by the University of Alaska Fairbanks football team and a team from the Ladd Air Force Base.

The game took place in the first week of January, around the same time as the major bowl games in the Continental United States.

The series featured two scoreless tie games and a win apiece for each team before being discontinued in 1952, as interest in football at UAF began to decline in the early 1950s, with the school devoting its athletic resources to more "northern" sports such as ice hockey and skiing.

Game result edit

Date Winner Loser
January 1, 1949 Alaska 0 Ladd AFB 0
January 2, 1950 Alaska 3 Ladd AFB 0
January 1, 1951 Alaska 0 Ladd AFB 0
December 30, 1952 Ladd AFB 47 Alaska 0

Italics denote a tie game.

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