Ibrium (24th century BC), also spelt Ebrium, was the vizier of Ebla for king Irkab-Damu and his successor Isar-Damu.

Ibrium is attested campaigning against the city of Abarsal during the time of vizier Arrukum,[1][2] he took office after Arrukum during the last two years of Irkab-Damu's reign and continued to hold office during the reign of Isar-Damu, he kept his position for about 20 years and was succeeded by his son Ibbi-Sipish thus establishing a parallel dynasty of viziers next to the royal family.[1]

Ibrium waged a war against Armi in his ninth year as vizier, the texts mentions that the battle happened near a town called Batin (it could be located in northeastern Aleppo), and that a messenger arrived in Ebla with news about the defeating of Armi.[3] He also conducted several campaigns against rebellious vassals and concluded a peace and trading treaty with Abarsal.[4]


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