Ibn al-Akfani

Muhammad ibn Ibrāhīm ibn al-Akfani (Arabic: ابن الأكفاني) (1286-ca. 1348–49) was an Arab encyclopedist and physician.


Ibn al-Akfani was born in Sinjar, Iraq and lived in Cairo, Egypt. He worked at Al-Mansuri Hospital. He died in either 1348 or 1349 of the bubonic plague.[1]


He wrote at least 22 books.[2] Most of his books were science related, including logic, gemology, mathematics, medicine and astronomy.[1] Specific subjects include bloodletting, slavery and ophthalmology.[3]

His most famous work was a science encyclopedia called Iršād al-qāsid ilā asnā' al-maqāsid.[1] The encyclopedia examines 60 subjects with bibliographies and a glossary of terms.[2] His book, Kitāb nuhab al-dahā'ir fī ahwāl al-jawāhir, is about gemstones, with a focus about jacinth.[1]


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