Ibn Gabirol Street

Ibn Gabirol Street
A monument at the site of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination, located on the street

Ibn Gabirol Street (Hebrew: רְחוֹב אִבְּן גַבִּירוֹל) (also called Even Gvirol) is a major street in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ibn Gabirol Street is named after the medieval Hebrew poet and philosopher Solomon ibn Gabirol. It carries traffic north and south, and is a busy residential and shopping street.[1] It intersects Marmorek, Laskov, Carlebach and Yehuda HaLevi streets on the south, and runs northbound along Rabin Square and Hayarkon Park to Shmuel Yosef Agnon Street in the north.[1] The street is also home to Tel Aviv City Hall.

Ibn Gabirol Street is a commercial thoroughfare with special appeal to chocolate lovers. Two chocolatiers make fresh chocolates on the premises and three shops import Belgian chocolates which are flown into Israel every two weeks under carefully controlled conditions.[2]


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Coordinates: 32°4′58.45″N 34°46′52.52″E / 32.0829028°N 34.7812556°E / 32.0829028; 34.7812556