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Ibbenbüren train collision

On 16 May 2015, a passenger train collided with a tractor and trailer obstructing a level crossing at Ibbenbüren, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Two people were killed and 41 were injured.

Ibbenbüren train collision
Photograph of the type of train involved
A WestfalenBahn Stadler FLIRT train was involved in the accident
Date16 May 2015
11:31 CEST (09:31 UTC)
LocationIbbenbüren, North Rhine-Westphalia
LineLöhne–Rheine railway
Incident typeCollision with road vehicle
CauseVehicle obstructing line


At 11:31 CEST (09:31 UTC), a WestfalenBahn passenger train travelling from Osnabrück was in collision with a tractor and trailer that were obstructing a level crossing at Ibbenbüren, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.[1] It was reported that the tractor and trailer, which contained liquid manure, became stuck on the level crossing.[2] Extensive damage was caused to the front and side of the leading carriage of the train,[3] which was a Stadler FLIRT electric multiple unit. It came to a halt 200 metres (220 yd) past the level crossing.[1] The train was travelling at around 100 kilometres per hour (62 mph) when it collided with the tractor and trailer.[4]

Two people were killed and 41 were injured, six seriously. Most of the injured were treated for shock.[3] One of those killed was a passenger. The train driver was the other fatality.[3] Passengers from the train were taken to a nearby community centre.[2] Following the accident, a substitute bus service was put in place between Bielefeld and Ibbenbüren. The damaged train was removed to a depot at Rheine. The line through Ibbenbüren reopened on 17 May.[3]


The Eisenbahn-Unfalluntersuchungsstelle des Bundes is responsible for investigating railway accidents in Germany. The tractor driver may face charges of negligent homicide and causing actual bodily harm by negligence.[3]


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