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AnnaGrace, formerly Ian Van Dahl, was a Belgian progressive house, electro house, and deep house music project fronted by Belgian singer Annemie Coenen and produced by DJ and record producer Peter Luts. The project first achieved success in 2008 with the hit singles "You Make Me Feel," "Let the Feelings Go," "Love Keeps Calling" and the 2010 debut AnnaGrace album Ready to Dare.[1][2] Today, Coenen continues to tour worldwide as AnnaGrace and Ian Van Dahl performing her biggest house and trance hits.[3]

Annemie Coenen singing for AnnaGrace in Hasselt
Annemie Coenen singing for AnnaGrace in Hasselt
Background information
Also known asIan Van Dahl
Genresas Ian van Dahl: AnnaGrace:
Years active
  • as Ian Van Dahl 2000–2008
  • AnnaGrace 2008–2013
Associated actsLasgo


2000–2008: Ian van DahlEdit

The project’s first single was "Castles in the Sky", with lyrics written and vocals performed by Martine Theeuwen (a.k.a. Marsha). Without Theeuwen’s knowledge or consent, Cindy Mertens was hired to lip-synch to her vocals onstage. Since she was not allowed to perform the song herself, Theeuwen felt betrayed and left the project.[4][5]

Subsequently they were both replaced, as Annemie Coenen was selected by executive producers Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen to be the new front woman and singer of the Ian van Dahl project.[6] In the early stages of her involvement, Coenen too mimed the original vocals of Theeuwen when performing the project's debut hit "Castles in the Sky" onstage. A new version featuring Coenen's vocals was eventually recorded. She later became involved in the songwriting with the producers and recorded vocals for the follow-up singles ("Will I?," "Reason," "Try") and the debut album Ace. The single "Castles In The Sky" was already a major success reaching No.3 on UK charts while also spending seven weeks in the top 10 in the summer of 2001. The single had also managed to crossover onto American Charts and reached the Billboard Hot 100 where it peaked at No.91.[7] The follow-up singles recorded with Coenen became major hits on the UK singles charts as well.[8] The singles "Will I?" peaked at No.5, "Reason" at No.8 and "Try" at No.15. The Ace album reached No.7 in the UK where it achieved Gold status.[9]

In 2004, Coenen recorded vocals for the second Ian van Dahl album Lost & Found. Belgian producers Peter Luts and David Vervoort officially joined Chantizs and Vanspauwen for the production of the second album. The album singles "I Can't Let You Go," "Believe," "Where Are You Now?" and "Inspiration" were all successes but still failed to match the massive commercial sales of the previous singles from the first album. The final singles Coenen recorded with Ian van Dahl ("Movin On" and "Just a Girl") were released in the late-2000s.

2008–2013: AnnaGraceEdit

After the breakup of Ian van Dahl, Coenen teamed up with Luts in 2008.[10] The two decided to form their own project called AnnaGrace, they departed from their vocal trance roots of their pasted project, and started to produce progressive house, electro house, and deep house music. In June 2008, the debut AnnaGrace single, "You Make Me Feel", was released in Belgium, shortly followed by a release in the U.S., where it reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay.[11] The second AnnaGrace single, "Let the Feelings Go", was released in 2009. The single achieved success on charts in the Netherlands and Belgium while also reaching No.1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay like its predecessor.[12] "Love Keeps Calling", the third AnnaGrace single, achieved moderate success in Belgium and the Netherlands and peaked at No.47 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay[13] The fourth AnnaGrace single, "Celebration", was released in Belgium in May 2010. The debut AnnaGrace album Ready to Dare was released in June 2010 and entered in Belgium charts at No. 39 and peaked at No.15.[14] "Don't Let Go" was the fifth and final album single from the Ready to Dare album, achieving moderate success reaching No.26 on Belgian charts. "Ready to Fall In Love" was released on 27 February 2012.[15] "Alive" was released on 23 July 2012.[16] "Girls Like Dancing" was released on 28 May 2013. All were released domestically in Belgium.

As of 2018, one of the original producers behind Ian Van Dahl's debut album "Ace", Christophe Chantzis, has been touring clubs around the world as Ian Van Dahl performing a DJ only set.


Albums as Ian Van DahlEdit

Year Title Chart positions
2002 Ace 41 40 10 71 7 16
2004 Lost & Found 29 13

Albums as AnnaGraceEdit

Year Title Chart positions
2010 Ready to Dare 15

Singles as Ian Van DahlEdit

Year Title Chart positions Album
2000 "Castles in the Sky" 35 18 43 13 43 51 90 3 91 Ace
2001 "Will I?" 14 10 17 48 12 51 47 5 18
2002 "Reason" 31 17 51 18 75 8
2002 "Try" 36 18 20 42 15
2003 "Secret Love"
2003 "I Can't Let You Go" 22 72 35 20 Lost and Found
2004 "Where Are You Now?" 23
2004 "Believe" 40 27
2005 "Inspiration" 23 11 87
2005 "Movin' On" 24 7 48 N/A
2006 "Just a Girl" 35 9

Singles as AnnaGraceEdit

Year Title Chart positions Album


2008 "You Make Me Feel" 35 1 Ready To Dare
2009 "Let the Feelings Go" 5 26 1
"Love Keeps Calling" 23 29 1
2010 "Celebration" 21 85
"Don't Let Go" 26
2012 "Ready to Fall in Love" 57 N/A
"Alive" 136
2013 "Girls Like Dancing" 76

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