I Like You, I Like You Very Much

I Like You, I Like You Very Much (あなたが好きです、大好きです。, Anata-ga suki desu, dai suki desu) is a 1994 Japanese pink film written and directed by Hiroyuki Oki, depicting gay life in Japan.[2] It won the Silver Prize at the 1994 Pink Grand Prix ceremony. Filmmaker/actor Hiroyuki Oki was also given a Best New Director award for the film.[3]

I Like You, I Like You Very Much
DVD cover
Directed byHiroyuki Oki[1]
Produced byAkihiro Suzuki
Written byHiroyuki Oki
Hisanori Kitakaze
CinematographyHiroyuki Oki
Edited byFilm Craft
Distributed byENK Promotion
Release date
April 19, 1994
Running time
58 mins.



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