ISO/TC 289 Brand evaluation is Technical Committee n.289 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) formed in 2014 to develop standards in the area of Brand evaluation.[1]


In January 2014 the Technical management Board of ISO (TMB) took the decision to create a new ISO Technical committee called ISO/TC 289. The first plenary meeting was held on 2014 September 25–26 in Beijing, hosted by Standardization Administration of China (SAC) and China Council for Brand Development (CCBD).[2] The first meeting of ISO/TC 289/WG1 was held by China Council for Brand Development in Shenzhen (China), from November 11 to 12, 2015.[3] [4] [5][6]

The first meeting of ISO/TC 289/WG2 was held by UNI (Italian Standardization Body) in Rome (Italy), from January 21 to 23, 2019.


The current scope of ISO/TC 289 primarily focuses on standardization in the field of brand evaluation. The main activity of ISO/TC 289 is to develop international standards supporting the international practice of brand evaluation and brand management .

Leadership and organizationEdit

  • Chair (2014-2021) – Dr.Bobby J.Calder (USA)[7]
  • Secretary Ms Lili Lu (China)

ISO/TC 289 currently has the following organisation.

  • ISO/TC 289/CAG Chairman’s Advisory Group - Convenor (until 2021): Mr.Pingjun Liu (China).
  • ISO/TC 289/WG 1: Brand evaluation process - Convenor (until 2020): Mr.Gerhard Hrebiceck (Austria) and Mrs.Fang Wu (China)
  • ISO/TC 289/WG 2: Implementation/Guidelines - Convenor (until 2021): Mr.Claudio Barella (Italy).
  • ISO/TC 289/TG 1: Communications task group - Convenor (until end of 2019): Mrs.Patricia McQuillan (Canada).
  • ISO/TC 289/TG 2: Collecting present concepts and philosophies in the market and developing Terms & Definitions - Convenor (until end of 2020): Zeshi Yang (China) and Edgar Baum (Canada).
  • ISO/TC 289/TG 3: ISO 10668 review - Convenor (until 2021): Mr.David Haigh (UK).

ISO/TC 289 has 12 Participating countries and 24 Observer countries.

Published standardsEdit

published ISO standards under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 289:

Brand evaluation

  • ISO 10668:2010 Brand valuation — Requirements for monetary brand valuation
  • ISO 20671:2019 Brand evaluation - Principles and fundamentals

ISO standards under development with the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 289:

  • ISO/AWI 23353 Brand evaluation — Guidelines for brands related to Geographical Indications[8]
  • ISO/AWI 24051 Brand evaluation - Guidance for annual brand evaluations.[9]

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