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Primus Telecommunications Pty Ltd. is an Australian telecommunications company and wholly owned subsidiary of Vocus Communications that primarily focuses on fixed, mobile, and broadband services.

Primus Telecommunications Pty Ltd.
Company typeSubsidiary
Founded1 July 1997; 26 years ago (1997-07-01)
ProductsADSL, ADSL2+, Mobile Broadband, Mobile Telephony, Fixed line, VOIP
Number of employees
ParentVocus Communications

Primus Telecom was the first telecommunications carrier to receive a licence when full deregulation and competition was introduced in Australia in 1997 and has network facilities across Australia. Primus operates its own fibre network in the five major capital cities; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.[2]

Primus is a participant in the controversial Internet censorship trials.[3]

History edit

Market entry (1997–1999) edit

Primus originally entered the Australian telecommunications market in 1996 by acquiring Australia's fourth largest telecommunications service provider, Axicorp.[4] Primus Telecom was one of the first carriers to be granted a telecommunications licence in 1997.[5] Prior to this, Australia's telecommunications industry was operated as a duopoly⠀ between the former Australian Government-owned Telecom Australia, later rebranded Telstra and Optus, before the market was opened to full competition in July 1997.[6]

1998 saw Primus expand their operations further in Australia with the acquisition of Eclipse Telecommunications Pty. Ltd.[7] and Hotkey Internet Services Pty Limited.[8]

In 1999 Primus' parent company Primus Telecommunications Inc. purchased the retail operations of Telegroup Inc., a long-distance telephone company based in Fairfield, Iowa, who was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.[9][10] This acquisition included the Australian subsidiary of Telegroup which allowed Primus to improve their capabilities in the Australian market.[11]

1999 was also the year Primus Australia's U.S. parent company launched the iPrimus brand to spearhead the organisations strategy of aggressively gaining retail market share by offering 'one-stop' shopping for bundled voice, data, Internet and cellular services.[12]

Primus' growth (2000–2003) edit

During the period from 2000–2003 Primus achieved some significant growth. They were one of many telco providers to benefit from the collapse of One.Tel by actively pursuing those customers left in a lurch.[13] They used this inertia to grow their customer base to approximately 750,000 retail customers including over 400,000 Internet customers by 2003.[14]

Industry consolidation (2004–2008) edit

In February 2004, AOL|7 was purchased by Primus Telecom. This acquisition added approximately 90,000 customers to Primus' existing residential iPrimus customer base.[15]

Primus' acquisition would coincide with much industry consolidation as competitor Telstra purchased a 50% stake in mobile provider Hutchison 3G for A$450 million, Kaz Group for A$333 million and Damovo for A$64 million[citation needed]. Meanwhile, competitor Optus purchased Uecomm for A$227 million, a 50.8% stake in Alphawest and A$50 million for remaining 74% of Virgin Mobile Australia [citation needed].

In early 2007, Primus sold PlanetDomain to NetRegistry for over A$8 million.[16]

In late 2008, Primus acquired Imagineering Data Centre, a Melbourne-based hosting and colocation provider. [17]

Acquisition of iPrimus (2012–present) edit

On 16 April 2012, it was announced that Primus Telecom would be purchased by M2 Group in preparation for the National Broadband Network. Primus Telecom was acquired by M2 on 1 June 2012 for $192 million.[18]

In 2012 iPrimus in conjunction with Hungry Jack's launched a free Wi-Fi service in 348 stores, as part of a $6 million contract with Hungry Jacks parent company, Competitive Foods Australia.[19]

Residential products edit

Broadband edit

iPrimus is one of Australia's largest telecommunications carriers and offers high-speed broadband through ADSL and ADSL2+, as well as NakedDSL and 3G mobile broadband. Primus's DSLAM network is one of the largest in Australia, with more than 66 exchanges.[20]

Fixed line and mobile edit

The iPrimus mobile network is a virtual network operator and uses the Optus network, with 2G and 3G capabilities. Primus Telecom also offers a range of home phone and VoIP services.

Other services edit

iPrimus also offers add-on services including anti-virus and anti-spam filtering, dial-up Internet connection, WebFilter proxy, global roaming and wireless hotspot access. FetchTV is available to iPrimus broadband customers.

Business Products edit

Internet & Data edit

iPrimus offers business services including ADSL, ADSL2+, SHDSL,[21] FTTH, Mobile Broadband,[22] and a variety of internet services including Private IP Networks, Domain Names & Web Hosting, Cloud Computing, Virtual Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Co-Location and Managed Services. Mobility Services by Primus Telecom have recently included Blackberry solutions[buzzword][23] and dedicated Mobile business plans.

Voice edit

Accella® is the iPrimus brand for business IP, voice and data services.

Primus Telecom services include PSTN, ISDN, SIP Trunks, Hosted IP Phone Systems, Inbound 1300/1800, Intelligent network. Primus Accella operates as the Business Voice service for Primus Telecom and is a business grade hosted communications solution.[buzzword][24]

Awards edit

Year Award Description Organisation Reference
2012 #1 Home Phone Provider Best home-phone provider based upon customer satisfaction in the month of February 2012. Roy Morgan [25]
2012 #1 Home Phone Provider Best home-phone provider based upon customer satisfaction in the month of March 2012. Roy Morgan [26]
2012 #1 Home Phone Provider Best home-phone provider based upon customer satisfaction in the month of April 2012. Roy Morgan [27]
2012 Best Home Broadband <20GB Best Home Broadband for the <20GB category yourmoney Magazine [28]

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References edit

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