INSA (Germany)

INSA or Institut für neue soziale Antworten (Institute for New Social Answers) is a German institute from Erfurt that offers psephological and political research. It is run by the company INSA Consulere. INSA publishes the INSA Meinungstrend (INSA opinion trend) poll on every weekend for German federal elections on behalf of the Bild tabloid,[1] but works also for other clients, such as Cicero magazine, e.g. for state elections.[2] In addition, INSA cooperated with YouGov for some polls. INSA Meinungstrend was also cited as Insa YouGov Meinungstrend.[3]

Logo of INSA Consulere


The INSA institute was founded in 2009 by former CDU politician and Thuringian State Secretary Hermann Binkert [de]. Since 2011 he is CEO of the INSA Consulere company. Binkert was criticised for having contacts to the AfD party. He was shareholder of a company that was consulting the AfD.[4]


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