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In the US, the acronym ILT typically stands for Instructor-led training and is commonly used to distinguish training delivered by a live instructor from self-paced, pre-recorded content such as e-learning

In the UK, the acronym can also mean Information and Learning Technology where it is typically used within the British Further Education sector.

Information and Learning Technology describes the methods of using technology to enhance the learning experience within education.

Possible applications of Information and Learning TechnologyEdit

  • Use of sound within an otherwise static presentation: There may be an image in a PowerPoint presentation, which could be clicked upon in different areas to provide audio commentary.
  • Use of digital video or digital images for learning activities.
  • Use of a VLE to run courses and activities within and outside an educational establishment.
  • Interactive quizzes/activities - either online or within a classroom using an electronic voting system made up of infra-red handsets and a receiver.
  • Use of podcasts or downloadable MP3s for classroom notes, revision or whole lectures.
  • Use of collaborative documents within a group environment.
  • Use of planification, budget-tracking and resource management software such as a Training Management System to streamline back-office training processes.[1]


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