ICFTU African Regional Organisation

The ICFTU African Regional Organisation (AFRO) was a regional organisation of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), representing trade unions from countries in Africa.

ICFTU African Regional Organisation
Merged intoAfrican Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation
Founded1957 (1993)
HeadquartersLome, Togo
15 million (2004)[1]

History edit

The organisation held its first congress in Accra in January 1957, but had little organisation in its early years. In 1965, the ICFTU's secretariat placed the organisation under the direct control of the ICFTU General Secretary, and it did not regain its autonomy until 1972. At that year's congress, F. T. Tekie of Ethiopia was elected as General Secretary of AFRO, but he was arrested in 1974.[1]

but the current organisation was not fully formed until 1993.[1] In 2007, the ICFTU merged with the World Confederation of Labour (WCL). AFRO merged with the WCL's Democratic Organization of African Workers' Trade Union, forming the African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation.[2]

Leadership edit

General Secretaries edit

1964: Momadou Jallow[1]
1965: Post vacant[1]
1972: Fisseha Tsion Tekie[1]
1974: George Palmer (acting)[1]
1979: Amos Gray[1]
1993: Andrew Keilembo[1]

Presidents edit

1960: Haroun Popoola Adebola[1]
1964: Humphrey Luande[1]
1965: Post vacant[1]
1972: Alhaji Yunusa Kaltungo[1]
1979: Boniface Kabore[1]
1988: Sadok Allouche[1]
1993: Madia Diop[1]
2005: Mody Guiro

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References edit

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