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Hyperspace is a faster-than-light method of traveling used in science fiction. Hyperspace or HyperSpace may also refer to:



  • Hypertopology, a topological space within which some of its elements form another topological space
  • higher dimensions, including Kaluza–Klein's 4-dimensional space and Superstring theory's 9-dimensional space and Supergravity's 10-dimensional space
  • n-dimensional space, the original meaning of the word hyperspace, common in late nineteenth century British books
  • Non-Euclidean space; see non-Euclidean geometry


  • Hyperspace (book), a 1994 book by Michio Kaku that attempts to explain the possibility of 10-dimensional space using string theory
  • Hyperspace (gamebook), a book in the Choose Your Own Adventure series
  • Hyperspace, the U.S. title of Space, a 2001 BBC documentary
  • Hyperspace (film),a 1984 3D science fiction comedy film

Other usesEdit

  • HyperSpace (software), an operating system by Phoenix Technologies
  • "Hyperspace", a song by Buckner & Garcia from the album Pac-Man Fever based on the arcade game Asteroids

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