Hypebeast Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based digital media media company that focuses on youth culture. Originally known for the online magazine HYPEBEAST, the company was founded as a sneaker blog by Kevin Ma in 2005, and has since expanded to become a major online magazine, and later into the company Hypebeast Ltd.[1]

Hypebeast Ltd.
IndustryDigital media, street fashion, pop culture, and others
FounderKevin Ma
Area served
Number of employees

The company's digital platform HYPEBEAST became by c. 2020 "a leading source of news" and one of the "pre-eminent" streetwear guides.[2][3] The magazine covers fashion, music, pop culture, lifestyle, and various other topics.[4]


In 2005, Kevin Ma founded HYPEBEAST as a sneaker blog[5] while he was a student in Vancouver, Canada.[6] Print issues of HYPEBEAST Magazine debuted in 2012.[7] Since then, Ma's business has expanded to include various other websites, including HYPEBAE, hypekids, and Popbee. In 2008, Popbee, a digital media property aimed at contemporary Asian women, was launched. HBX, a commerce store, was launched in 2012. Over the past decade, Hypebeast Ltd. has expanded to cover many other niches, including digital media, e-commerce, and creative services.[8]

Hypebeast Ltd. also organizes a festival called Hypefest[9] that caters to street fashion enthusiasts.[10] Hypefest was first launched in New York City in October 2018.[11]

In 2016, Hypebeast Ltd. also launched HYPEMAKER, a global creative studio.[12][13]

The Japanese subsidiary of HYPEBEAST opened in 2019.[14]

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