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Hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1985 book)

Hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the official hymnal of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Published in English in 1985, and later in many other languages, it is used throughout the LDS Church. This article refers to the English version. The book was published on the 150th anniversary of the publication of the first LDS hymnbook, compiled by Emma Smith in 1835. Previous hymnbooks used by the church include The Manchester Hymnal (1840), The Psalmody (1889), Songs of Zion (1908), Hymns (1927), and Hymns (1948).

Hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Hymns of the LDS Church.jpg
CountryUnited States
PublisherThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Publication date
2nd ed. 1998
revised in 2002

On June 18, 2018, the church announced that an updated version of both the hymnbook and the Children's Songbook would be revised through a process of soliciting feedback for a one-year period (which would conclude in July 2019), with that feedback culminating in a unified version of both books that would be used by all congregations worldwide, which would include the use of the same numbering system.[1]


The book contains a table of contents, followed by a preface with a message from the church's First Presidency, which encourages church members to use the hymn book at meetings and in their homes to invite the spirit and to teach doctrine.

The hymn section is divided into thematic groups:

1–61: Restoration
! Number Hymn Words Music Notes
1 The Morning Breaks Parley P. Pratt George Careless
2 The Spirit of God William W. Phelps Anon.
3 Now Let Us Rejoice William W. Phelps Henry Tucker
4 Truth Eternal Parley P. Pratt Alexander Schreiner
5 High on the Mountain Top Joel H. Johnson Ebenezer Beesley
6 Redeemer of Israel Joseph Swain Freeman Lewis Adapt.: William W. Phelps
7 Israel, Israel, God Is Calling Richard Smyth Charles C. Converse
8 Awake and Arise Theodore E. Curtis Carolee Curtis Green
9 Come, Rejoice Tracy Y. Cannon Tracy Y. Cannon
10 Come, Sing to the Lord Gerrit de Jong Jr. Gerrit de Jong Jr.
11 What Was Witnessed in the Heavens? John S. Davis Evan Stephens
12 ’Twas Witnessed in the Morning Sky Anon. H. Walford Davies Adapt.: G. William Richards
13 An Angel from on High Parley P. Pratt John E. Tullidge
14 Sweet Is the Peace the Gospel Brings Mary Ann Morton Alfred M. Durham
15 I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly Anon. English melody Arr.: Ralph Vaughan Williams
16 What Glorious Scenes Mine Eyes Behold Anon. Ebenezer Beesley
17 Awake, Ye Saints of God, Awake! Eliza R. Snow Evan Stephens
18 The Voice of God Again Is Heard Evan Stephens Evan Stephens
19 We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet William Fowler Caroline E. Sheridan Norton
20 God of Power, God of Right Wallace F. Bennett Tracy Y. Cannon
21 Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice Joseph S. Murdock; Bruce R. McConkie Joseph J. Daynes
22 We Listen to a Prophet's Voice Marylou Cunningham Leavitt Darwin K. Wolford
23 We Ever Pray for Thee Evan Stephens Henry A. Tuckett Adapt.: Evan Stephens
24 God Bless Our Prophet Dear Bernard Snow Harry A. Dean
25 Now We’ll Sing with One Accord William W. Phelps Joseph J. Daynes
26 Joseph Smith's First Prayer George A. Manwaring Sylvanus Billings Pond Adapt.: A. C. Smyth
27 Praise to the Man William W. Phelps Scottish folk song
28 Saints, Behold How Great Jehovah Douglas W. Stott A. Laurence Lyon
29 A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief James Montgomery George Coles
30 Come, Come, Ye Saints William Clayton English folk song
31 O God, Our Help in Ages Past Isaac Watts William Croft
32 The Happy Day at Last Has Come Philo Dibble Ebenezer Beesley
33 Our Mountain Home So Dear Emmeline B. Wells Evan Stephens
34 O Ye Mountains High Charles W. Penrose H. S. Thompson
35 For the Strength of the Hills Felicia D. Hemans Evan Stephens Adapt.: Edward L. Sloan
36 They, the Builders of the Nation Ida Romney Alldredge Alfred M. Durham
37 The Wintry Day, Descending to Its Close Orson F. Whitney Edward P. Kimball
38 Come, All Ye Saints of Zion William W. Phelps John E. Tullidge
39 O Saints of Zion Ed M. Rowe Robert P. Manookin
40 Arise, O Glorious Zion William G. Mills George Careless
41 Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise Edward Partridge Anon.
42 Hail to the Brightness of Zion's Glad Morning! Thomas Hastings Edwin F. Parry
43 Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded Thomas Kelly A. C. Smyth
44 Beautiful Zion, Built Above George Gill Joseph G. Fones
45 Lead Me into Life Eternal John A. Widtsoe Alexander Schreiner
46 Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken John Newton Franz Joseph Haydn
47 We Will Sing of Zion Merrill Bradshaw Merrill Bradshaw
48 Glorious Things Are Sung of Zion William W. Phelps Dutch melody
49 Adam-ondi-Ahman William W. Phelps Anon.
50 Come, Thou Glorious Day of Promise Pratt's Collection A. C. Smyth
51 Sons of Michael, He Approaches Elias L. T. Harrison Darwin K. Wolford
52 The Day Dawn Is Breaking Joseph L. Townsend William Clayson
53 Let Earth's Inhabitants Rejoice William Clegg Leroy J. Robertson
54 Behold, the Mountain of the Lord Michael Bruce Leland B. Sateren
55 Lo, the Mighty God Appearing! William Goode Evan Stephens
56 Softly Beams the Sacred Dawning John Jaques J. Spencer Cornwall
57 We’re Not Ashamed to Own Our Lord William W. Phelps John Longhurst
58 Come, Ye Children of the Lord James H. Wallis Spanish melody Arr.: Benjamin Carr
59 Come, O Thou King of Kings Parley P. Pratt Anon.
60 Battle Hymn of the Republic Julia Ward Howe Anon.
61 Raise Your Voices to the Lord Evan Stephens Evan Stephens
62–96: Praise and Thanksgiving
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
62 All Creatures of Our God and King St. Francis of Assisi German hymn Trans.: William H. Draper; Arr.: Ralph Vaughan Williams
63 Great King of Heaven Carrie Stockdale Thomas Leroy J. Robertson
64 On This Day of Joy and Gladness Leroy J. Robertson Leroy J. Robertson
65 Come, All Ye Saints Who Dwell on Earth William W. Phelps William B. Bradbury
66 Rejoice, the Lord Is King! Charles Wesley Horatio Parker
67 Glory to God on High James Allen Felice de Giardini
68 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Martin Luther Martin Luther
69 All Glory, Laud, and Honor Theodulph of Orleans Melchior Teschner
70 Sing Praise to Him Johann J. Schütz Bohemian Brethren's Songbook Trans.: Frances Elizabeth Cox (from German)
71 With Songs of Praise Penelope Moody Allen Newel Kay Brown
72 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty Joachim Neander Stralsund Gesangbuch Trans.: Catherine Winkworth (from German); Arr.: William S. Bennett, Otto Goldschmidt
73 Praise the Lord with Heart and Voice Tracy Y. Cannon Tracy Y. Cannon
74 Praise Ye the Lord Isaac Watts Evan Stephens
75 In Hymns of Praise Ada Blenkhorn Alfred Beirly
76 God of Our Fathers, We Come unto Thee Charles W. Penrose Ebenezer Beesley
77 Great Is the Lord Eliza R. Snow Ebenezer Beesley
78 God of Our Fathers, Whose Almighty Hand Daniel C. Roberts George W. Warren
79 With All the Power of Heart and Tongue Isaac Watts Lowell M. Durham
80 God of Our Fathers, Known of Old Rudyard Kipling Leroy J. Robertson
81 Press Forward, Saints Marvin K. Gardner Vanja Y. Watkins
82 For All the Saints William Walsham How Ralph Vaughan Williams
83 Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah William Williams John Hughes Trans.: Peter Williams; William Williams(from Welsh)
84 Faith of Our Fathers Frederick W. Faber Henri F. Hemy; James G. Walton
85 How Firm a Foundation Robert Keen J. Ellis
86 How Great Thou Art Carl Boberg; Stuart K. Hine Traditional Swedish folk tune Trans.: Stuart K. Hine (from Swedish); Arr.: Stuart K. Hine
87 God Is Love Thomas R. Taylor Thomas C. Griggs
88 Great God, Attend While Zion Sings Isaac Watts Joseph J. Daynes
89 The Lord Is My Light James Nicholson John R. Sweney
90 From All That Dwell below the Skies Isaac Watts John Hatton
91 Father, Thy Children to Thee Now Raise Evan Stephens Evan Stephens
92 For the Beauty of the Earth Folliott S. Pierpoint Conrad Kocher
93 Prayer of Thanksgiving Anon.; Adriaen Valerius Dutch folk song; Frans Heijdemann Trans.: Theodore Baker (from Dutch); Arr.: Edward Kremser
94 Come, Ye Thankful People Henry Alford George J. Elvey
95 Now Thank We All Our God Martin Rinkhart Johann Crüger Trans.: Catherine Winkworth (from German)
96 Dearest Children, God Is Near You Charles L. Walker John Menzies Macfarlane
97–168: Prayer and Supplication
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
97 Lead, Kindly Light John Henry Newman John B. Dykes
98 I Need Thee Every Hour Annie S. Hawks Robert Lowry
99 Nearer, Dear Savior, to Thee Joseph L. Townsend William Clayson
100 Nearer, My God, to Thee Sarah F. Adams Lowell Mason
101 Guide Me to Thee Orson Pratt Huish Orson Pratt Huish
102 Jesus, Lover of My Soul Charles Wesley Joseph P. Holbrook
103 Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer H. R. Palmer H. R. Palmer
104 Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me Edward Hopper John Edgar Gould
105 Master, the Tempest Is Raging Mary Ann Baker H. R. Palmer
106 God Speed the Right William E. Hickson Ernst Moritz Arndt
107 Lord, Accept Our True Devotion Richard Alldridge Joseph J. Daynes
108 The Lord Is My Shepherd James Montgomery Thomas Koschat
109 The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare Joseph Addison Dmitri Bortniansky
110 Cast Thy Burden upon the Lord Julius Schubring [de] Felix Mendelssohn
111 Rock of Ages Augustus M. Toplady Thomas Hastings
112 Savior, Redeemer of My Soul Orson F. Whitney Harry A. Dean
113 Our Savior's Love Edward L. Hart Crawford Gates
114 Come unto Him Theodore E. Curtis Hugh W. Dougall
115 Come, Ye Disconsolate Thomas Moore; Thomas Hastings Samuel Webbe
116 Come, Follow Me John Nicholson Samuel McBurney
117 Come unto Jesus Orson Pratt Huish Orson Pratt Huish
118 Ye Simple Souls Who Stray Charles Wesley Evan Stephens
119 Come, We That Love the Lord Isaac Watts Aaron Williams
120 Lean on My Ample Arm Theodore E. Curtis Evan Stephens
121 I’m a Pilgrim, I’m a Stranger Hans Henry Petersen Leroy J. Robertson
122 Though Deepening Trials Eliza R. Snow George Careless
123 Oh, May My Soul Commune with Thee Lorin F. Wheelwright Lorin F. Wheelwright
124 Be Still, My Soul Katharina von Schlegel Jean Sibelius Trans.: Jane L. Borthwick (from German)
125 How Gentle God's Commands Philip Doddridge Hans Georg Nägeli Arr.: Lowell Mason
126 How Long, O Lord Most Holy and True John A. Widtsoe B. Cecil Gates
127 Does the Journey Seem Long? Joseph Fielding Smith George D. Pyper
128 When Faith Endures Naomi Ward Randall Stephen M. Jones
129 Where Can I Turn for Peace? Emma Lou Thayne Joleen Grant Meredith
130 Be Thou Humble Grietje Terburg Rowley Grietje Terburg Rowley
131 More Holiness Give Me Philip Paul Bliss Philip Paul Bliss
132 God Is in His Holy Temple Anon. Frank W. Asper
133 Father in Heaven Angus S. Hibbard Friedrich F. Flemming Arr.: Edwin P. Parker
134 I Believe in Christ Bruce R. McConkie John Longhurst
135 My Redeemer Lives Gordon B. Hinckley G. Homer Durham
136 I Know That My Redeemer Lives Samuel Medley Lewis D. Edwards
137 Testimony Loren C. Dunn Michael Finlinson Moody
138 Bless Our Fast, We Pray John Sears Tanner James B. Welch
139 In Fasting We Approach Thee Paul L. Anderson Clay Christiansen
140 Did You Think to Pray? Mary A. Pepper Kidder William O. Perkins
141 Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee Bernard of Clairvaux John B. Dykes Trans.: Edward Caswall (from Latin)
142 Sweet Hour of Prayer William W. Walford William B. Bradbury
143 Let the Holy Spirit Guide Penelope Moody Allen Martin Shaw
144 Secret Prayer Hans Henry Petersen Hans Henry Petersen
145 Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire James Montgomery George Careless
146 Gently Raise the Sacred Strain William W. Phelps Thomas C. Griggs
147 Sweet Is the Work Isaac Watts John J. McClellan
148 Sabbath Day Paul L. Anderson Lynn R. Carson
149 As the Dew from Heaven Distilling Thomas Kelly Joseph J. Daynes
150 O Thou Kind and Gracious Father Charles Denney Jr. George Careless
151 We Meet, Dear Lord Vernald W. Johns Laurence M. Yorgason
152 God Be with You Till We Meet Again Jeremiah E. Rankin William G. Tomer
153 Lord, We Ask Thee Ere We Part George A. Manwaring Benjamin Milgrove Arr.: Ebenezer Beesley
154 Father, This Hour Has Been One of Joy Nan Greene Hunter Lynn R. Shurtleff
155 We Have Partaken of Thy Love Mabel Jones Gabbott Robert P. Manookin
156 Sing We Now at Parting George A. Manwaring Ebenezer Beesley
157 Thy Spirit, Lord, Has Stirred Our Souls Frank I. Kooyman Alexander Schreiner
158 Before Thee, Lord, I Bow My Head Joseph H. Dean Joseph H. Dean
159 Now the Day Is Over Sabine Baring-Gould Joseph Barnby
160 Softly Now the Light of Day George W. Doane Carl Maria von Weber Arr.: Henry Greatorix
161 The Lord Be with Us John Ellerton Tracy Y. Cannon
162 Lord, We Come before Thee Now William Hammond Harry A. Dean
163 Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing John Fawcett; Walter Shirley Jean-Jacques Rousseau
164 Great God, to Thee My Evening Song Anne Steele Edward P. Kimball
165 Abide with Me; 'Tis Eventide M. Lowrie Hofford Harrison Millard
166 Abide with Me! Henry F. Lyte William H. Monk
167 Come, Let Us Sing an Evening Hymn William W. Phelps Tracy Y. Cannon
168 As the Shadows Fall Lowell M. Durham Jr. Lowell M. Durham
169–196: Sacrament
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
169 As Now We Take the Sacrament Lee Tom Perry Daniel Lyman Carter
170 God, Our Father, Hear Us Pray Annie Pinnock Malin Louis M. Gottschalk Adapt.: Edwin P. Parker
171 With Humble Heart Zara Sabin Thomas L. Durham
172 In Humility, Our Savior Mabel Jones Gabbott Rowland H. Prichard
173 While of These Emblems We Partake(SAUL) John Nicholson Samuel McBurney
174 While of These Emblems We Partake(AEOLIAN) John Nicholson Alexander Schreiner
175 O God, the Eternal Father William W. Phelps Felix Mendelssohn
176 ’Tis Sweet to Sing the Matchless Love(MEREDITH) George A. Manwaring Frank W. Asper
177 ’Tis Sweet to Sing the Matchless Love(HANCOCK) George A. Manwaring Ebenezer Beesley
178 O Lord of Hosts Andrew Dalrymple George Careless
179 Again, Our Dear Redeeming Lord Theodore E. Curtis Alfred M. Durham
180 Father in Heaven, We Do Believe Parley P. Pratt Jane Romney Crawford
181 Jesus of Nazareth, Savior and King Hugh W. Dougall Hugh W. Dougall
182 We’ll Sing All Hail to Jesus’ Name Richard Alldridge Joseph Coslett
183 In Remembrance of Thy Suffering Evan Stephens Evan Stephens
184 Upon the Cross of Calvary Vilate Raile Leroy J. Robertson
185 Reverently and Meekly Now Joseph L. Townsend Ebenezer Beesley
186 Again We Meet around the Board Eliza R. Snow George Careless
187 God Loved Us, So He Sent His Son Edward P. Kimball Alexander Schreiner
188 Thy Will, O Lord, Be Done Frank I. Kooyman Robert P. Manookin
189 O Thou, Before the World Began William H. Turton Frank W. Asper
190 In Memory of the Crucified Frank I. Kooyman Alexander Schreiner
191 Behold the Great Redeemer Die Eliza R. Snow George Careless
192 He Died! The Great Redeemer Died Isaac Watts George Careless
193 I Stand All Amazed Charles H. Gabriel Charles H. Gabriel
194 There is a Green Hill Far Away Cecil Frances Alexander John H. Gower
195 How Great the Wisdom and the Love Eliza R. Snow Thomas McIntyre
196 Jesus, Once of Humble Birth Parley P. Pratt Giacomo Meyerbeer; English Chorister
197–200: Easter
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
197 O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown Paul Gerhardt Hans Leo Hassler Trans.: Karen Lynn Davidson (from German); Adapt.: Johann Sebastian Bach
198 That Easter Morn Marion D. Hanks Robert Cundick
199 He Is Risen! Cecil Frances Alexander Joachim Neander
200 Christ the Lord Is Risen Today Charles Wesley Henry Carey / Lyra Davidica
201–214: Christmas
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
201 Joy to the World Isaac Watts; William W. Phelps George F. Handel; Lowell Mason Adapt.: William W. Phelps
202 Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful John F. Wade John F. Wade Trans.: Frederick Oakeley (from Latin)
203 Angels We Have Heard on High French carol French carol Trans.: James Chadwick (from French)
204 Silent Night Joseph Mohr Franz Gruber Trans.: John F. Young (from German)
205 Once in Royal David's City Cecil Frances Alexander Henry J. Gauntlett
206 Away in a Manger Martin Luther (See Spurious) William J. Kirkpatrick Arr.: Rosalee Elser
207 It Came upon the Midnight Clear Edmund H. Sears Richard S. Willis
208 O Little Town of Bethlehem Phillips Brooks Lewis H. Redner
209 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Charles Wesley Felix Mendelssohn
210 With Wondering Awe Anon. Anon.
211 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks Nahum Tate Yorkshire carol
212 Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains John Menzies Macfarlane John Menzies Macfarlane
213 The First Noel Traditional English carol Traditional English carol
214 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Henry Wadsworth Longfellow John Baptiste Calkin
215–298: Special Topics
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
215 Ring Out, Wild Bells Alfred Tennyson Crawford Gates
216 We Are Sowing Anon. Henry A. Tuckett
217 Come, Let Us Anew Charles Wesley James Lucas
218 We Give Thee But Thine Own William Walsham How Anon.; Cantica Laudis Arr.: Lowell Mason; George J. Webb
219 Because I Have Been Given Much Grace Noll Crowell Phillip Landgrave
220 Lord, I Would Follow Thee Susan Evans McCloud K. Newell Dayley
221 Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd Mary B. Wingate William J. Kirkpatrick
222 Hear Thou Our Hymn, O Lord Frank W. Asper Frank W. Asper
223 Have I Done Any Good? Will L. Thompson Will L. Thompson
224 I Have Work Enough to Do Josephine Pollard William J. Kirkpatrick
225 We Are Marching On to Glory John M. Chamberlain John M. Chamberlain
226 Improve the Shining Moments Robert B. Baird Robert B. Baird
227 There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today Eliza E. Hewitt John R. Sweney
228 You Can Make the Pathway Bright Helen Silcott Dungan James M. Dungan
229 Today, While the Sun Shines L. Clark Evan Stephens
230 Scatter Sunshine Lanta Wilson Smith Edwin O. Excell
231 Father, Cheer Our Souls Tonight Ellis Reynolds Shipp Orlando Gibbons
232 Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words Joseph L. Townsend Ebenezer Beesley
233 Nay, Speak No Ill Anon. Anon.
234 Jesus, Mighty King in Zion John Fellows Tracy Y. Cannon
235 Should You Feel Inclined to Censure Anon. Philip Paul Bliss
236 Lord, Accept into Thy Kingdom Mabel Jones Gabbott Alexander Schreiner
237 Do What Is Right Anon. George Kaillmark
238 Behold Thy Sons and Daughters, Lord Parley P. Pratt Alexander Schreiner
239 Choose the Right Joseph L. Townsend Henry A. Tuckett
240 Know This, That Every Soul Is Free Anon.; Sally Swey Roger L. Miller
241 Count Your Blessings Johnson Oatman Jr. Edwin O. Excell
242 Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow Thomas Ken Louis Bourgeois; Genevan Psalter ||
243 Let Us All Press On Evan Stephens Evan Stephens
244 Come Along, Come Along William Willes A. C. Smyth
245 This House We Dedicate to Thee Henry W. Naisbitt Frank W. Asper
246 Onward, Christian Soldiers Sabine Baring-Gould Arthur S. Sullivan
247 We Love Thy House, O God William Bullock Leroy J. Robertson
248 Up, Awake, Ye Defenders of Zion Charles W. Penrose Thomas E. Williams; Thomas A. Becket Sr.
249 Called to Serve Elsie Duncan Yale Adam Geibel
250 We Are All Enlisted Anon. William B. Bradbury
251 Behold! A Royal Army Fanny J. Crosby Adam Geibel
252 Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel Will L. Thompson Will L. Thompson
253 Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching Jean L. Kaberry Robert P. Manookin
254 True to the Faith Evan Stephens Evan Stephens
255 Carry On Ruth May Fox Alfred M. Durham
256 As Zion's Youth in Latter Days Susan Evans McCloud Irish melody
257 Rejoice! A Glorious Sound Is Heard W. O. Robinson Frank W. Asper
258 O Thou Rock of Our Salvation Joseph L. Townsend William Clayson
259 Hope of Israel Joseph L. Townsend William Clayson
260 Who's on the Lord's Side? Hannah Last Cornaby Henry H. Russell
261 Thy Servants Are Prepared Marilyn McMeen Brown Willy Reske
262 Go, Ye Messengers of Glory John Taylor Leroy J. Robertson
263 Go Forth with Faith Ruth Muir Gardner Lyall J. Gardner
264 Hark, All Ye Nations! Louis F. Mönch George F. Root
265 Arise, O God, and Shine William Hurn John Darwall
266 The Time Is Far Spent Eliza R. Snow German folk song
267 How Wondrous and Great Henry U. Onderdonk Joseph Martin Kraus
268 Come, All Whose Souls Are Lighted Reginald Heber Lowell Mason
269 Jehovah, Lord of Heaven and Earth Anon. Oliver Holden
270 I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go Mary Brown Carrie E. Rounsefell
271 Oh, Holy Words of Truth and Love Joseph L. Townsend Edwin F. Parry
272 Oh Say, What Is Truth? John Jaques Ellen Knowles Melling
273 Truth Reflects upon Our Senses Eliza R. Snow; M. E. Abbey Charles Davis Tillman(/George Frederick Root)
274 The Iron Rod Joseph L. Townsend William Clayson
275 Men Are That They Might Have Joy J. Marinus Jensen J. J. Keeler
276 Come Away to the Sunday School Robert B. Baird Robert B. Baird
277 As I Search the Holy Scriptures C. Marianne Johnson Fisher C. Marianne Johnson Fisher
278 Thanks for the Sabbath School William Willes James R. Murray
279 Thy Holy Word Marvin K. Gardner Robert Cundick
280 Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning Robert B. Baird Ebenezer Beesley
281 Help Me Teach with Inspiration Lorin F. Wheelwright Lorin F. Wheelwright
282 We Meet Again in Sabbath School George A. Manwaring Ebenezer Beesley
283 The Glorious Gospel Light Has Shone Joel H. Johnson Gottfried W. Fink
284 If You Could Hie to Kolob William W. Phelps English melody Arr.: Ralph Vaughan Williams
285 God Moves in a Mysterious Way William Cowper William B. Bradbury
286 Oh, What Songs of the Heart Joseph L. Townsend William Clayson
287 Rise, Ye Saints, and Temples Enter Jean L. Kaberry Robert P. Manookin
288 How Beautiful Thy Temples, Lord Frank I. Kooyman Tracy Y. Cannon
289 Holy Temples on Mount Zion Archibald F. Bennett Alexander Schreiner
290 Rejoice, Ye Saints of Latter Days Mabel Jones Gabbott R. Paul Thompson
291 Turn Your Hearts Paul L. Anderson Gaylen Hatton
292 O My Father Eliza R. Snow James McGranahan
293 Each Life That Touches Ours for Good Karen Lynn Davidson A. Laurence Lyon
294 Love at Home John Hugh McNaughton John Hugh McNaughton
295 O Love That Glorifies the Son Lorin F. Wheelwright Lorin F. Wheelwright
296 Our Father, by Whose Name F. Bland Tucker John David Edwards
297 From Homes of Saints Glad Songs Arise Vernald W. Johns G. William Richards
298 Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth Carolyn Hamilton Klopfer W. Herbert Klopfer
299–308: Children's Songs
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
299 Children of Our Heavenly Father Caroline V. Sandell-Berg Traditional Swedish melody Trans.: Ernst W. Olson (from Swedish)
300 Families Can Be Together Forever Ruth Muir Gardner Vanja Y. Watkins
301 I Am a Child of God Naomi Ward Randall Mildred Tanner Pettit
302 I Know My Father Lives Reid N. Nibley Reid N. Nibley
303 Keep the Commandments Barbara A. McConochie Barbara A. McConochie
304 Teach Me to Walk in the Light Clara W. McMaster Clara W. McMaster
305 The Light Divine Matilda Watts Cahoon Mildred Tanner Pettit
306 God's Daily Care Marie C. Turk Willy Reske
307 In Our Lovely Deseret Eliza R. Snow George F. Root
308 Love One Another Luacine Clark Fox Luacine Clark Fox
309–318: For Women
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
309 As Sisters in Zion (Women) Emily H. Woodmansee Janice Kapp Perry
310 A Key Was Turned in Latter Days (Women) Jan Underwood Pinborough Charlene Anderson Newell
311 We Meet Again as Sisters (Women) Paul L. Anderson Bonnie Lauper Goodliffe
312 We Ever Pray for Thee (Women) Evan Stephens Henry A. Tuckett Adapt.: Evan Stephens
313 God Is Love (Women) Thomas R. Taylor Thomas C. Griggs
314 How Gentle God's Commands (Women) Philip Doddridge Hans Georg Nägeli Arr.: Lowell Mason
315 Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee (Women) Bernard of Clairvaux John B. Dykes Trans.: Edward Caswall (from Latin)
316 The Lord Is My Shepherd (Women) James Montgomery Thomas Koschat
317 Sweet Is the Work (Women) Isaac Watts John J. McClellan
318 Love at Home (Women) John Hugh McNaughton John Hugh McNaughton
319–337: For Men
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
319 Ye Elders of Israel (Men) Cyrus H. Wheelock Thomas H. Bayly
320 The Priesthood of Our Lord (Men) John Craven John Craven
321 Ye Who Are Called to Labor (Men) Mary Judd Page Daniel B. Towner
322 Come, All Ye Sons of God (Men) Thomas Davenport Orson Pratt Huish
323 Rise Up, O Men of God (Men's Choir) William Pierson Merrill Frank W. Asper Arr.: Robert P. Manookin
324 Rise Up, O Men of God (Men) William Pierson Merrill William H. Walter
325 See the Mighty Priesthood Gathered (Men's Choir) Jean L. Kaberry Robert P. Manookin
326 Come, Come, Ye Saints (Men's Choir) William Clayton English folk song
327 Go, Ye Messengers of Heaven (Men's Choir) John Taylor F. Christensen
328 An Angel from on High (Men's Choir) Parley P. Pratt John E. Tullidge
329 Thy Servants Are Prepared (Men's Choir) Marilyn McMeen Brown Willy Reske
330 See, the Mighty Angel Flying (Men's Choir) Robert B. Thompson Evan Stephens
331 Oh Say, What Is Truth? (Men's Choir) John Jaques Ellen Knowles Melling
332 Come, O Thou King of Kings (Men's Choir) Parley P. Pratt Anon.
333 High on the Mountain Top (Men's Choir) Joel H. Johnson Ebenezer Beesley
334 I Need Thee Every Hour (Men's Choir) Annie S. Hawks Robert Lowry
335 Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy (Men's Choir) Philip Paul Bliss Philip Paul Bliss
336 School Thy Feelings (Men's Choir) Charles W. Penrose George F. Root
337 O Home Beloved (Men's Choir) Evan Stephens Joseph Parry
338–341: Patriotic
Number Hymn Words Music Notes
338 America the Beautiful Katharine Lee Bates Samuel A. Ward
339 My Country, 'Tis of Thee Samuel F. Smith Thesaurus Musicus
340 The Star-Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key John Stafford Smith
341 God Save the King Anon. Thesaurus Musicus

Following the hymns, a section titled "Using the Hymnbook" gives helpful information for choristers and accompanists.

Finally, the hymns are listed in multiple indexes according to the authors' and composers' names, hymn titles, tune names, meters, scriptures referenced, etc.


Members of the church sometimes debate about whether to say "hymn number" or "page number" when referring to the location of a particular hymn. The hymn numbers are not 1:1 with the number of pages. The hymns themselves are numbered and not the pages.


Most of the hymns are arranged in traditional SATB format with treble and bass clefs. The suggested tempo range (in beats per minute) is given, along with an indication of the appropriate mood for the song such as "joyfully," "reflectively," "with vigor," etc. Beneath the hymn are listed the author and composer and their years of birth and death (if applicable), copyright information, and scriptural references.

The book is laid out so that hymns occupying two pages in the book always start on the left. Thus, a page turn is never required in the middle of a hymn.

A few of the hymns have the same text, and even the same title, but are set to different hymn tunes.


The Church has released recordings of the hymns in CD sets. One set is instrumental only, and is sometimes used as accompaniment in church meetings. In the other set, the hymns are sung by a quartet with piano or organ accompaniment.

Many popular singers and instrumentalists, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square and Saints Unified Voices have also recorded arrangements of LDS hymns.


Many of the hymns have been translated and published in editions designed for use in other countries. Some of these editions include hymns not found in the English version, such as traditional Christmas carols and patriotic music of the countries where they are used.

Some of the languages the hymn book is published in include:

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