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Hylan Boulevard is a major northeast-southwest boulevard in the New York City borough of Staten Island. It is approximately 14 miles (23 km) long, and runs from the North Shore neighborhood of Rosebank to the South Shore neighborhood of Tottenville. It was renamed in 1923 for New York City mayor John F. Hylan,[1] before which it was known as Pennsylvania Avenue.[2] It is often misunderstood to be read as Hyland or Highland Boulevard.

Hylan Boulevard
Length 14 mi (23 km)
Location Richmond
North end Edgewater Street/Buono Beach Park
South end Satterlee Street/Conference House Park
On Hylan Boulevard, 1973. Photo by Arthur Tress.
New Dorp
Northeast end


Route descriptionEdit

Hylan Boulevard begins at Alice Austen House at the southeast end of Edgewater Street in Rosebank, its first major intersection coming at 0.2 miles (0.32 km), with Bay Street.[3] It becomes divided by street markings at Tompkins Avenue, but then splits at .8 miles (1.3 km) and crosses the Staten Island Expressway over two separate overpasses.(one northbound, one southbound)[4] Upon merging again, it becomes Steuben Street, and Hylan Boulevard continues east of there, snaking further through the neighborhood of Arrochar. Steuben meets Hylan again at 2.0 miles (3.2 km).[5] Half a mile later, it intersects with Old Town Road and Quintard Street, at which point it begins a predominantly straight southward run. Major intersections following include Seaview Avenue (3.2 miles) and Midland Avenue (4.0 miles). At 4.6 miles (7.4 km), Hylan intersects with New Dorp Lane at what is known to be one of Staten Island's worst intersections in the way of traffic and traffic collisions.[6] Continuing southwest from there, it reverse-curves at approximately 5.6 miles (9.0 km), and then continues straight southwest again. Major intersections include Tysens Lane (5.2 miles), Buffalo Street (6.1 miles) and Nelson Avenue (7.5 miles). At 8.2 miles (13.2 km), it intersects with Richmond Avenue, another major Island thoroughfare.[7] Continuing, the last portion of divided roadway ends at Arden Avenue (8.7 miles), and the boulevard continues westward through the neighborhoods of the South Shore, ending at Conference House Park in Tottenville.[8]


As an integral artery of Staten Island, Hylan Boulevard is a major commercial corridor and a heavily trafficked roadway. At the northernmost end is Buono Beach, a small park offering spectacular views of New York Harbor, as well as the Alice Austen House (address: 2 Hylan Blvd.), the historical home of native Island photographer Alice Austen and one of the few remaining Dutch Colonial structures on the Island.

Commercial establishments of all kinds line the boulevard's north-central stretch, with larger shopping centers in and around the New Dorp neighborhood. At Buffalo Street is the entrance to Great Kills Park, part of the larger Gateway National Recreation Area. In the neighborhood of Great Kills there are more businesses, but south of Richmond Avenue, the boulevard is almost entirely residential.


While the Staten Island Railway never crosses Hylan's path, it largely parallels the boulevard, and many stations along the line are half a mile to a mile and a half (one or two km) away at higher elevation with the closest being the Old Town station.[9] The former South Beach line of the railway did cross the boulevard just east of the Rosebank station.[10] Hylan Blvd is served by MTA NYCT and NYC DOT buses.