Hygiene (Commerce and Offices) Convention, 1964

Hygiene (Commerce and Offices) Convention, 1964 is an International Labour Organization Convention.

Hygiene (Commerce and Offices) Convention, 1964
ILO Convention
Date of adoptionAugust 8, 1964
Date in forceMarch 29, 1966
ClassificationCommerce and Offices
SubjectOccupational Safety and Health
PreviousGuarding of Machinery Convention, 1963
NextEmployment Injury Benefits Convention, 1964

It was established in 1964, with the preamble stating:

Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to hygiene in commerce and offices,...

Ratifications edit

As of 2022, the convention has been ratified by 52 states.[1]

Provisions edit

Article 14 of the convention establishes that "[s]ufficient and suitable seats shall be supplied for workers and workers shall be given reasonable opportunities of using them."[2]

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