Hydrogen turboexpander-generator

A hydrogen turboexpander-generator or generator loaded expander for hydrogen gas is an axial flow turbine or radial expander for energy recovery through which a high pressure hydrogen gas is expanded to produce work that is used to drive an electrical generator. It replaces the control valve or regulator where the pressure drops to the appropriate pressure for the low pressure network.


Per stage 200 bar is handled with up to 15,000 kW power and a maximum expansion ratio of 14, the generator loaded expander for hydrogen gas is fitted with automatic thrust balance, a dry gas seal and a programmable logic control with remote monitoring and diagnostics.[1]


The hydrogen turboexpander-generators are used for hydrogen pipeline transport in combination with hydrogen compressors and for the recovery of energy in underground hydrogen storage. A variation are the compressor loaded turboexpanders which are used in the liquefaction of gases such as liquid hydrogen[2]

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