Hvedekorn (meaning Grains of Wheat in English) is a Danish language literary magazine published in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been published since 1920.

CategoriesLiterary magazine
Year founded1920; 100 years ago (1920)
Based inCopenhagen

History and profileEdit

The magazine was established in 1920[1] under the name of Vild Hvede.[2]

Hvedekorn is based in Copenhagen[3] and is a literary magazine, specializing in poetry.[4] Danish poets Inger Christensen and Marianne Larsen are among the contributors of the magazine.[5][6] The other well-known contributors include Tom Kristensen and Tove Ditlevsen.[1]

Poul Borum, a significant critic and poet, served as the editor-in-chief of Hvedekorn.[6] In 1996 Andreas Brøgger became the editor-in-chief.[7]

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