Huw Robert Jones

Huw Robert Jones (1894 – August 1930), known as H. R. Jones, was a Welsh nationalist politician.

Jones was born in Ebenezer in Caernarfonshire,[1] where he worked in the quarries from the age of thirteen,[2] and later as a travelling grocery salesman.[3] He led a campaign to rename his home village as "Deiniolen", which was successful.[1] Always a strong proponent of home rule for Wales, in 1924 he founded the Welsh Home Rule Army and,[1] as one of its three most prominent leaders, he attended the founding meeting of Plaid Cymru.[4] Saunders Lewis referred to Jones as the only Welsh nationalist who "would have received a post from Michael Collins".[5]: 284 

Plaid was founded in a hotel in Pwllheli, while the National Eisteddfod was underway.[4] Jones was chosen as its first general secretary, but the other party founders convinced him to avoid non-violent direct action in their cause.[6] In 1928, he stood for election to the county council in Upper Deiniolen, the party's only candidate, but he was not elected.[7]

Although popular with party members, he was not regarded as an effective organiser.[8] He contracted tuberculosis and in 1928, he became aware that he did not have long to live. He was compelled to scale back his role until his death in 1930.[2][8]

After Jones' death, Gwenallt composed "Breuddwyd y Bardd" in his honour.[2]


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