Huodou (Chinese: 祸斗) is a legendary creature originating within the minorities of southern China.[1]


It is described as having the appearance of a large black dog that can emit flames from its mouth. Fire would break out wherever the Huodou went, so the ancients saw it as a sign of fire and often an ominous symbol. It is probably a demonized tribal symbol of southern China.[2]

The "Shanhaijing" states: "There are people and beasts in the south who eat fire. Their country is near Hei Kunlun (Black Kunlun). People there can eat coals, and fire-eating beasts are also known as Calamities." The Shanhaijing also mentioned that the body of the Huodou is black.

It is also noted in the Chiya[Chinese script needed] of the Ming Dynasty: "the Huodou looks like a dog and eats dog dung, it eats fire and spits fire, it is ominous".


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