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Huddersfield and District Association Football League

The Huddersfield and District Association League is a football competition based in the area Huddersfield, England. It was founded in 1898. The league has a total of four senior divisions and four reserve divisions. The highest senior division, Division One, sits at level 14 of the English football league system and is a feeder to the West Riding County Amateur Football League. The reserve divisions are not part of the league system.

Huddersfield and District Association Football League
Huddersfield AFL Logo.gif
Number of teams51
Level on pyramid14–17
Feeder toWest Riding County Amateur League
Relegation tonone
Domestic cup(s)Barlow Cup
Groom Cup
Current championsDivision One: Meltham Athletic
Division Two: Berry Brow
Division Three: Almondbury Woolpack
Division Four: Dalton Dynamos
Most championshipsBrackenhall United[1]
WebsiteFA Full-Time site

The league currently has 52 teams during the 2017–18 season with three new teams joining this campaign. There are also four divisions of reserve teams compromising of 48 teams.

The most successful team in a single division since 2000, is Brackenhall United[1] with 4 championships from 2000 to 2003. The most successful team in all divisions is Newsome, with six championships starting in the now-defunct Division Five during the 1999–2000 season and ending with the Division One championship during the 2006–07 season. Newsome again won the First Division title in the 2009–10 season and the 2014-15 season.

The league generally consists of teams around Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, however there are also a few teams located in Greater Manchester including Diggle, Uppermill 'A' and 3D Dynamos. They compete in this league because the area these clubs are based in is historically part of West Yorkshire.



The league was founded in 1898.[2] In 1919, there were 42 senior clubs and 78 junior clubs in the league.[3] Throughout out the league's history, the most players in the league at one time was 3,000.[2] During the 2007–08 season, there were 41 divisions of junior clubs in the Huddersfield RCD Junior Football League, based in the same area, with some teams continuing to the HDAFL.[4]

Member clubs 2017–18Edit

The league has a system of relegation and promotion based on club success. The bottom three teams in the first division are replaced with the top three teams in the second division. The bottom three teams in the second division are replaced by the top three teams in the third division. The bottom three teams in the third division are replaced by the top three teams in the fourth division. The system has allowed teams to rise from a lower division to a higher one within several years. Newsome were playing in the now-defunct fifth division during the 2000–01 season, but rose to the first division to win the first division in 2006–07 after playing 3 seasons in the second division.

The 2017–18 constitution is as follows:

Division OneEdit

  • AFC Lindley
  • Berry Brow
  • Diggle
  • Hepworth United
  • Heywood Irish Centre
  • Holmbridge
  • Kirkheaton Rovers
  • Linthwaite Athletic
  • Meltham Athletic
  • Newsome
  • Shepley
  • Skelmanthorpe

Division TwoEdit

  • AFC Dalton
  • Almondbury Woolpack
  • Britannia Sports
  • Colne Valley
  • Cumberworth
  • Holme Valley Academicals
  • Honley
  • Lepton Highlanders
  • Marsden
  • Moorside
  • Netherton
  • Scholes
  • Shelley
  • Slaithwaite United

Division ThreeEdit

  • 3D Dynamos
  • Almondbury Working Mens Club
  • Brighouse Athletic
  • Brook Motors
  • Cask
  • Dalton Dynamos
  • Deighton FC
  • Fothergill-Whittles
  • Hade Edge
  • Junction
  • Littleborough
  • Scissett
  • Uppermill
  • Wooldale Wanderers

Division FourEdit

  • Cartworth Moor
  • Cleckheaton AFC
  • Dewsbury Town
  • Flockton FC
  • Golcar United
  • Grange Moor Saints
  • Heyside FC
  • Kirkburton
  • Mount
  • Rose and Crown
  • Sporting CAV (formerly Cavalry Arms)
  • Westend


Season One Two Three Four Five
1998–99[5] Brackenhall United Wooldale Wanderers Scissett Flockton Weavers Arms
1999–2000[6] Brackenhall United Slaithwaite United New Mill 94 Weavers Arms Brook Motors
2000–01[7] Brackenhall United Heywood Sports Holme Valley Academicals Moldgreen Newsome Working Mens Club
2001–02[8] Brackenhall United Skelmanthorpe Uppermill Newsome Working Mens Club Linthwaite Athletic
2002–03[9] Brackenhall United Kirkburton Newsome Working Mens Club The Stag Cravens
2003–04[10] Meltham Athletic Uppermill KKS Ashbrow Weavers Arms Space
2004–05[11] Meltham Athletic Sovereign Sports Weavers Arms Space Brook Motors
2005–06[12] Heywood Sports Newsome Working Mens Club Scholes Westend
2006–07[13] Newsome Working Mens Club Britannia Sports Westend SC Cowlersley
2007–08[14] Heywood Irish Centre Sovereign Sports Lamb Inn Dalton Crusaders
2008–09[15] Lepton Highlanders Cumberworth Scissett Royal Dolphins
2009–10[16] Newsome Working Mens Club Netherton Holmbridge Shelley
2010–11[17] Hepworth United Slaithwaite United Shelley AFC Waterloo
2011–12[18] Hepworth United Scholes Dalton Crusaders Moldgreen Con
2012–13[19] Uppermill Britannia Sports Honley AFC Lindley
2013–14[20] Newsome Holmfirth Town KKS Spartans Royal Oak
2014–15[21] Newsome Heyside Marsden Salendine Nook
2015–16[22] Hepworth United Aimbry Slaithwaite United Almondbury Woolpack
2016–17[23] Meltham Athletic Berry Brow Almondbury Woolpack Dalton Dynamos


Former League Vice-President Sir Amos Brook Hirst (OBE) served as Chairman of the FA from 1941–1955.[2]


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