Huascacocha (Carhuacayan)

Huascacocha (possibly from Quechua waskha (also waska) rope, qucha lake,[1]) is a lake in Peru located in the Junín Region, Yauli Province, Carhuacayan District.[2] It is situated at a height of approximately 4,484 m (14,711 ft), about 5.10 km long and 0.95 km at its widest point.

Huascacocha is located in Peru
Junín Region
Coordinates11°05′22″S 76°24′44″W / 11.08944°S 76.41222°W / -11.08944; -76.41222Coordinates: 11°05′22″S 76°24′44″W / 11.08944°S 76.41222°W / -11.08944; -76.41222
Max. length5.10 km (3.17 mi)
Max. width0.95 km (0.59 mi)
Surface elevation4,484 m (14,711 ft)
Huascacocha Dam
Huascacocha (Carhuacayan) is located in Peru
Huascacocha (Carhuacayan)
Location of Huascacocha Dam in Peru
Opening date2012

In 2012 the Huascacocha dam was inaugurated.[3] The dam lies was erected at the southeastern end of the lake.

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