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The Huancas, Wancas, or Wankas are a Quechua people living in the Junín Region of central Peru, in and around the Mantaro Valley.

Huanca Quechua
Pe ehuan.gif
Coat of Arms given by Philip II, representing the union between the Huancas and the Spaniards
Total population
90,727 (2000–2002)[1][2]
Regions with significant populations
Jauja Wanca Quechua,[1]
Huaylla Wanca Quechua, Spanish[2]
Roman Catholicism, traditional religion
Related ethnic groups
other Quechua peoples


The southern branch of Huanca people are called the Wanka Waylla Quechua and Southern Huancayo Quechua.[1] The Jauja Wanka are also called Wanka Jauja Quechua and Shawsha Wanka Quechua people.[2] They gave their name to the Peruvian football team Deportivo Wanka.


After fierce fighting, the Huanca people were conquered by Pachacuti and incorporated into the Inca Empire. The Huanca helped the Spaniards during the conquest of Peru. They provided supplies and men to the Spanish army.


The Huanca people speak Jauja Wanka Quechua and Waylla Wanka Quechua, both Quechua I languages.[1][2] These languages differ significantly from the Incas' Quechua of Cusco. (see Mantaro Valley)


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