Hu Xueyang

Hu Xueyang (Chinese: 胡雪杨; born 17 July 1963) is a Chinese film director, producer, writer and actor. Born in a family of dramatists, he graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1989. He is a professor and a board member of the China Film Association. He is considered a member of the Chinese Sixth Generation filmmakers.

Hu Xueyang
Born (1963-07-17) 17 July 1963 (age 57)
EducationBeijing Film Academy[1]
OccupationFilm director, producer, screenwriter and actor
Years active1993 – present
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese
Hu Xueyang
Simplified Chinese胡雪杨
Traditional Chinese胡雪楊

His brother Sherwood Hu is also a film director.


Hu was born in July 1963 in Heilongjiang in Northeastern China into a family originally from Shanghai. His graduation work at the Beijing Film Academy, Memories of Childhood (1989), reflects on the protagonist's childhood during the Cultural Revolution.

Film DirectorEdit


The film Those Left Behind (1991), screened about a Chinese wife whose husband has left for America. The film's realistic presentation of contemporary Chinese urban life and its subtle revelation of the inner world of the characters.[2]

Hu's next film Drawing (1994), in which he himself played the male lead, portrays a young tennis instructor seduced by the beautiful wife of a rich businessman.[3]


From 2006, Hu wrote, directed and produced Shanghai 1976[4] (2006-2008), a Cultural Revolution romance that tells the tale of a forbidden love in Shanghai China in the turbulent year 1976. Four young people come of age and fall in love against the backdrop of political and historical events. Their heritage reflects Shanghai's cosmopolitan history. While the Cultural Revolution unravels around them, these four begin to dream new dreams to reach for freedom and to nurture hope for a brighter future. The film stars noted French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who starred in films such as Betty Blue, plays the role of a priest and father of the two girls in the film.


Year English title Chinese title Notes
1989 The Memory of Childhood 童年往事
1991 The Left Behind 留守女士
1993 Drawing 煙沒的青春
1996 Evil 罪恶
1997 My Green Card 綠卡族
1998 Ice and Fire 冰与火
2000 Love is Blue 愛情是藍色的
2001 The Humanism in Europe (documentary)
2001 White-collar Apartment 白領公寓
2002 Exactly
2002 The Retired Shooter
2002 A Dream of Red Mansions
2003 Half a Lifelong Romance 半生緣
2004 The Hawthorn
2004 Woman at the construction Site
2005 Zhen & her Mistress
2005 Sweet Noodles Restaurant
2006 Shanghai 1976 上海1976
2009 Lovely China 可愛的中國
2010 The Secret Telegram Always There
2011 Day and Night 黑白夜
2011 Company of Scouts 先遣連


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