Hrēðmōnaþ (modern English: Rheda’s month) was the Anglo-Saxon name for the month of March.[1]

The first definition of the name explains that:

“On ðæm þriddan mōnþe on geāre biþ ān and þrittig daga and se mōnþ is nemned on lǣden martius and on ūre geþeōde hrēdmōnaþ.” [2]

“In the third month in the year are one-and-thirty days, and the month is called in Latin martius, and in our language, hrédmónaþ.

The Anglo-Saxon scholar Bede explains the name in his treatise De temporum ratione (The Reckoning of Time), saying "Rhed-monath is named for the goddess, to whom they sacrificed in this month.”[3]

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