Howard-Miami Mennonite Church

Located on the edge of Howard and Miami counties in Indiana, Howard-Miami Mennonite Church is a historical Mennonite church affiliated with Mennonite Church USA. The first Mennonite settlers were from Holmes County, Ohio, and arrived in Miami county in 1848. From these meager beginnings the church grew and built their first church house in 1871. Major remodeling has occurred six times over the years, the most recent being the addition of a large fellowship hall in 1987. Remodeling of the sanctuary occurred in 1999. Howard-Miami is the oldest Mennonite church in Indiana, having conducted church services starting in 1848[citation needed] .

Ongoing missionsEdit

The church currently has mission partners in South Africa.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 40°33′53″N 85°59′47″W / 40.5646°N 85.9963°W / 40.5646; -85.9963