How to Kill a Judge

How to Kill a Judge (Italian: Perché si uccide un magistrato), also known as The Murder of a Magistrate and Why Does One Kill a Magistrate?, is a 1974 Italian crime-thriller film directed by Damiano Damiani. It is the final chapter in the Damiani's trilogy about mafia, after The Day of the Owl and Confessions of a Police Captain.[1]

How to Kill a Judge
Perché si uccide un magistrato.jpg
Directed byDamiano Damiani
Produced byMario Cecchi Gori
Written byDamiano Damiani
Enrico Ribulsi
Fulvio Gicca Palli
StarringFranco Nero
Music byRiz Ortolani
CinematographyMario Vulpiani
Edited byAntonio Siciliano
Release date
  • 1974 (1974)

It was released on DVD by Blue Underground in March 2006.[2]


Giacomo Solaris is a film-maker whose latest released feature film is a crime thriller about a judge who gets too friendly with the Mafia and is murdered. A resentful Sicilian magistrate orders the film seized, but then the judge winds up dead, in a fashion just like that in Solaris's movie. Solaris realizes that corrupt political forces are pulling strings and attempting to cover up murders of his friends who begin to die in grisly ways. Will he learn the truth about the murder of the judge in time?


The film was dubbed into English with voice actors based within Italy, with Franco being the sole actor to reprise his role and dub himself over in English.

Character Original actor English voice actor
Giacomo Solaris Franco Nero
Giudice De Tonarre Pierluigi Aprà Frank von Kuegelgen
Sen. Derrasi Giancarlo Badessi Gene Luotto
Lawyer Meloria Luciano Catenacci Michael Forest
Dr. Valgardeni Giorgio Cerioni Edmund Purdom
Sicilia Notte Editor Mico Cundari Gene Luotto
Attorney Alberto Traini-Luis Marco Guglielmi Anthony La Penna
Toruzzo Salvatore Moscardini Nick Alexander
Vincenzo Terrasini Renzo Palmer Robert Sommer
Ugo Selimi Elio Zamuto Ted Rusoff
Commissioner Zamagna Gianni Zavota Edward Mannix
Carmelo Bellolampo Vincenzo Norvese Gene Luotto
Vezzi Elio Di Vincenzo

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