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House of Castellane

The House of Castellane is a very ancient French noble house originating in Provence and descended from Thibault, count of Arles in the 9th century.

House of Castellane
Blason Maison de Castellane.png
Current regionProvence
Connected familiesTalleyrand-Périgord
Estate(s)Château de Rochecotte
Nesvizh Castle


Boniface, 1st baron de Castellane, lived in the 11th century. The barons de Castellane ruled as de facto lords of this part of Haute-Provence until the beginning of the 13th century, rendering homage to their overlord the count of Provence.

Louis Provence Boniface de Castellane (1912–1996) was created 2nd Duque de Almazán de Saint Priest by the King of Spain in 1993, with his daughter Béatrice Marguerite Marie-Thérèse de Castellane (b. 1944) following him as 3rd Duquesa de Almazán de Saint Priest.

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