Hounds of Love (song)

"Hounds of Love" is a song written, produced and performed by British singer Kate Bush. It is the title track and the third single released from her number one 1985 album Hounds of Love. The single was released on 24 February 1986, and reached number 18 in the UK Singles Chart.[1]

"Hounds of Love"
Kate Bush - Hounds of Love.png
Single by Kate Bush
from the album Hounds of Love
  • "The Handsome Cabin Boy"
  • "Jig of Life"
  • "Burning Bridge"
  • "My Lagan Love"
Released24 February 1986 (1986-02-24)
Songwriter(s)Kate Bush
Producer(s)Kate Bush
Kate Bush singles chronology
"Hounds of Love"
"The Big Sky"
Music video
"Hounds of Love" on YouTube
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The song is about being afraid to fall in love; in the song this feeling is compared to being chased by a pack of hounds. The music video (directed by Bush herself) was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's film The 39 Steps and a Hitchcock lookalike also features in the video (a nod to the director's famous cameo appearances in his movies).

The versions worldwide differ slightly: the US single mix included an additional chorus just after the second chorus. The words "it's in the trees, it's coming!" heard at the beginning of the track are sampled from the British 1957 horror film Night of the Demon and are mouthed by an actor from the film, Reginald Beckwith,[2][3] who plays a medium channelling a character played by Maurice Denham, who provides the voice.[4][5]

In October 2004, Q magazine placed this song at No.21 in its list of the 50 greatest British songs of all-time.[6]

The song was performed live for the first time as part of the 2014 Before the Dawn residency, where the lyrics were slightly altered.

British band the Futureheads covered the song in 2005, scoring a UK top 10 hit with it.

Track listingsEdit

All songs written and composed by Kate Bush, except "The Handsome Cabin Boy," which is a traditional composition. Alternative Hounds of Love is not a remix, but a new version, with slightly different lyrics.

7-inch single (UK)

1."Hounds of Love"3:05
2."The Handsome Cabin Boy"3:10

7-inch single (US)

1."Hounds of Love"3:01
2."Burning Bridge"4:38

12-inch single (UK)

1."Alternative Hounds of Love"3:44
2."Jig of Life"4:06
3."The Handsome Cabin Boy"3:10

12-inch single (US)

1."Alternative Hounds of Love"3:44
2."Burning Bridge"4:38
3."My Lagan Love"2:31


Chart performanceEdit

Chart (1986) Peak
UK Singles Chart[1] 18
German Singles Chart[7] 68
Irish Singles Chart[8] 12
Poland (LP3)[9] 18
Canadian Singles Chart[10] 84

The Futureheads versionEdit

"Hounds of Love"
Single by the Futureheads
from the album The Futureheads
Released21 February 2005 (2005-02-21)
GenreIndie rock
Label679 Recordings
Songwriter(s)Kate Bush
Producer(s)Paul Epworth
The Futureheads singles chronology
"Hounds of Love"

"Hounds of Love" was recorded in 2004 by the English post-punk band the Futureheads for their self titled debut album, and was released as a single in 2005. The single peaked at number eight on the UK charts in its first week[11] and was named Best Single of 2005 by NME.[12] In October 2011, NME placed it at number 89 on its list "150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years".[13]

Track listingsEdit

7-inch vinyl single

Side one
1."Hounds of Love"Kate Bush3:05
Side two
1."Man Made (A Mistake)"The Futureheads2:37

CD single No. 1

1."Hounds of Love"Kate Bush3:05
2."Hounds of Love" (Phones' Wolves at the Door Remix)Kate Bush5:18

CD single No. 2

1."Hounds of Love"Kate Bush3:05
2."Decent Days and Nights" (acoustic)The Futureheads2:39
3."Hounds of Love" (Mystery Jets' Pirate Invasion mix)Kate Bush4:24
4."Man Made (A Mistake)"The Futureheads5:13
5."Hounds of Love" (music video (data track))Kate Bush 

Chart performanceEdit

Weekly chartsEdit

Chart (2005) Peak
UK Singles Chart[11] 8
Irish Singles Chart[8] 26

Year-end chartsEdit

Chart (2005) Position
UK Singles (Official Charts Company)[14] 200


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