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Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss is a London-based sex toy company. Founded in 2011 by Julia Margo and Adam Lewis, Hot Octopuss launched their inaugural product PULSE aka the Guybrator™ in September 2013 and have added to their product line with the PULSE III SOLO and PULSE III DUO. The company manufactures these multi-award-winning male apparatuses which oscillate to stimulate men and provide pleasure to women when used in conjunction with a sexual act. Both PULSE devices feature a PulsePlate™, which is designed to deliver vibrations that can make a man ejaculate involuntarily.[1]

Hot Octopuss
Industry Sex Toys
Founded March 2011 in London, England
Founders Julia Margo, Adam Lewis
Headquarters London, England
Area served


In 2008, while working in conference management, Lewis had an idea for a male sex toy that would be of high-quality and without the stigma attached to these type of items available at the time. His research led to the discovery of an article on Penile Vibratory Stimulation,[2][3] which could bring about ejaculation in men with spinal cord injuries, regardless of sensation below the waist. He went to Denmark to meet the scientists who had developed equipment to do this, and obtained the patents to use the technology in his sex toy.[2]

Lewis worked with his partner Julia Margo, and the result is PULSE, described by Wired as a 'Darth Vader-style vibro helmet for penises,” which targets the frenulum area of the penis.[4] Unlike other vibrators that use an off-centered eccentric weight attached to a motor to create vibrations, PULSE uses a piston-type mechanism that causes its PulsePlate to move up and down.[1]

With almost no marketing budget for support, PULSE sold out 10,000 units in the first six months by word of mouth alone. In 2015, PULSE II, with an extra motor for a partner was released. A year later, came PULSE III.[2]

In January 2016, after a Time Out survey revealed that 39% of male New Yorkers masturbated while at work, Hot Octopuss created a masturbation booth called GuyFi in New York City that invited men to self-stimulate their penises to ejaculation.[5]

Hot Octopuss and its products have received many awards including the 2017 Boutique Pleasure Products Company of the Year at the XBIZ Awards.[6]

Hot Octopuss' most recent marketing campaign is "Pillow Talk," a promotion featuring sex expert, Jenny Block (who blogs regularly for Huffington Post) riding around Manhattan on a four-poster bed. It was featured on ABC's Nightline.[7]


Year Award Organization
2017 Boutique Pleasure Products Company XBIZ
2016 Boutique Pleasure Products Company XBIZ
2015 Male Toy of the Year XBIZ
2014 Male Toy of the Year Erotic Trade Only
2014 Couples Toy of the Year XBIZ


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