Hossein Ghods-Nakhai

Hossein Ghods-Nakhaï (Persian: حسین قدس نخعی‎‎; 1894–1977[citation needed]) was an Iranian poet, politician, cabinet minister, and diplomat.

Hossein Ghods-Nakhai
حسین قدس نخعی
Hossein Ghods-Nakhai, as Iranian ambassador to Japan, c. 1956–58
Foreign Minister of Iran
In office
1 December 1960 – 30 December 1960
MonarchMohammad-Reza Pahlavi
Prime MinisterJafar Sharif-Emami
Preceded byJafar Sharif-Emami
Succeeded byAbbas Aram
Personal details
Born1894[citation needed]
Sari, Mazandaran, Iran[citation needed]
Died30 December 1977[citation needed]
Shiraz, Fars[citation needed]
Political partyNationalist Party

Family backgroundEdit

He was the son of the Iranian clerk, Hajj Agha Hasan Nakhai. Like his father, Hossein's surname was initially Nakhai. In his youth, he was the editor of a literature magazine, called Ghods, and so became known as "Mr. Ghods" to everyone. He then added the word Ghods to his surname. He was married to the daughter of the first Iranian ambassador to US, Sadr es-Saltaneh, also known as Haji Washington (www.khadjenouri.co.uk).

Diplomatic and political careerEdit

He held the position of the minister of foreign affairs between 1961 and 1963. Before that he was ambassador to Baghdad, London, Tokyo (Oct. 1956 to Jan. 1958) and Washington, D.C. (during John F. Kennedy administration). He can be seen behind president Kennedy in this Video on YouTube. Afterwards, he was appointed as the minister of the royal court, a post he held until 1968. He was replaced as the minister of court by Amir Assadollah Alam. Afterwards, he became the ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican).

He was the chairman of the committee that negotiated with the USSR on return to Iranian gold deposited with the government of the Tsar.

Literary lifeEdit

He wrote extensive volumes of poetry (including his Rubaiyat), and prose (including "Trail lost in heaven"). Some of his works have been translated into English and other languages.


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