Hossein Allahkaram

Hossein Allahkaram (Persian: حسین الله‌کرم‎) is an Iranian conservative activist, pundit[3] and former military officer.

Hossein Allahkaram
Hossein Allahkaram 2019-03-13.jpg
Born1945 (age 74–75)[1]
Alma materIslamic Azad University
Political partyAnsar-e-Hezbollah
Military career
Service/branchRevolutionary Guards
RankBrigadier general[2]
Battles/warsIran–Iraq War

He is head of the coordination council of Ansar-e-Hezbollah[4] and is described as its theoretician.[5]

Military careerEdit

A veteran of Iran–Iraq War, he was reported continuing to serve in the Revolutionary Guards as of 2001.[6] According to some sources, he commanded the Quds Force in the Bosnian War along with Mohammad Reza Naqdi.[7]


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Party political offices
New title Head of Coordination Council of Ansar-e-Hezbollah