Hoshina Masatoshi

Hoshina Masatoshi (保科 正俊) (1509–1593) was a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku period, who served the Takeda clan. He was the head of Hoshina clan, son of Hoshina Masanori. Masatoshi served under Shingen from the latter's earliest campaigns and fought in many of battles.

Hoshina Masatoshi
保科 正俊
Head of Hoshina clan
Preceded byHoshina Masanori
Succeeded byHoshina Masanao
Personal details
Died1593 (aged 84)
Nickname"Yari Danjo"
Military service
AllegianceTakeda mon.svg Takeda clan
UnitHoshina clan
Battles/warsShinano Campaign
Battles of Kawanakajima
Kozuke Campaign
Suruga Campaign
Odawara Campaign

He initially opposed Takeda Shingen's invasion of Shinano; however, he later submitted to Shingen and became a Takeda general, in command of 120 cavalry.

Together with Sanada Yukitaka and Kōsaka Masanobu, he was one of the three "Danjo" (Danjō stands for a formal title, Danjōchū; 弾正忠) in the Takeda clan, distinguished from the others as "Yari Danjō" (槍弾正), due to his skilled use of the spear.

Masatoshi was succeeded by his son Hoshina Masanao.


  • Father: Hoshina Masanori
  • Sons:


Preceded by
Hoshina Masanori
Hoshina family head
Succeeded by